Social Anxiety Disorder Natural Treatment

Home Remedies for Social Anxiety Disorder

There are lots of home remedies for social anxiety disorder which are available. If used they are known to have positive results. Valerian Root, Winter Cherry Root are some of the herbs with good effects. Social Anxiety disorder natural treatment largely involves herbs and other home remedies which strengthens the mind.

It has often been seen that a large number of people suffer from social anxiety disorder which leave them not just out of touch of their near and dear ones but also leave them depressed as well.

Basically social anxiety is said to be a feeling which captures the mind of an individual- he might feel embarrassed in the company of others, he might feel that others are very critical of him or else they might be having a negative opinion about him. This leaves him aghast and he may not be able to perform his regular duties as well with energy and optimism. Though most of the people in such a scenario would like to consult the doctor but natural treatments for social anxiety disorder is also available.

Herbs for Treating Social Anxiety Disorder

A number of herbs are available for the treatment of social anxiety disorder which has shown positive results as well. Passion Flower is one such herb which is known to be having anxiolytic properties. It is helpful in the healthy functioning of the Central Nervous System. If taken this is known to reduce the symptoms of anxiety in the person concerned.

Valerian Root is known to reduce tension, removes anxiety and also helps in the functioning of the Central Nervous System. Winter Cherry serves the twin function of reducing anxiety and fighting depression and hence it is said to be quite an effective herb in tackling social anxiety disorder.

Using Nutritional Supplements in Treatment

Nutritional supplements too are known to provide great relief to the people who are the sufferers of anxiety and depression. Inositol is one of the supplements which is being used for the people who suffer from obsessive compulsive disorder.

Niacinamide which is known to be a good form of Vitamin B 3 has also been found to be helpful in relieving anxiety. Thus if effective natural supplements are being taken it is also known to work wonders for those suffering from anxiety.

Drinking Chamomile tea also is said to be beneficial in curing the social anxiety disorder. Lemon balm too is known to provide a soothing effect on the nerves and also helps in giving you a good sleep; this has been used over the years in relieving tension.

Lavendar is known for its calming effect on the mind and thus soothes the nerves and also provide strength to the nervous system. It is also helpful in reducing stress and fatigue. Some other herbs like Kava Kava and St. John’s Wort are also effective and have been used over the years in providing strength and energy.

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