Some Symptoms of Diabetes

Common Symptoms of Diabetes

Diabetes Mellitus or Diabetes for short is a disease that is described by high levels of blood sugar caused by the lack of insulin. There are two types of diabetes type 1 and type 2.

These two have similar signs and symptoms when it comes to detection. In both cases, there is a significant amount of glucose or sugar in the blood but not enough cells to compensate.

In type 1 diabetes there is a high level of glucose because insulin is lacking. The thing responsible for producing insulin is damaged. On the other hand, type 2 diabetes happens when the cells of the body are becoming defiant to the insulin that was being produced. In both cases, your body is not getting too much glucose it needs. The body tends to show signs and symptoms that you are diabetic.

  • Always needing to go to the comfort room. If you notice lately that you are urinating more than the usual, then one of the reason for it is that you probably have too much glucose in your blood system. If insulin is lacking then your kidneys can’t function well and because of that they can’t filter the glucose. As a result they get water from the blood in order to dilute the sugar. In turn, your bladder is always full and as a result you keep going to the comfort room to urinate.
  • Being thirsty all the time. If you feel that you are always thirsty then it could be a sign that you are diabetic. It is the same reason as the frequent urination symptom. Your body is pulling water out of your blood therefore there is a need to urinate. As a result, your body will be dehydrated and there is a need to replenish the water that you are losing.
  • For type 1 diabetes, the most noticeable symptom is losing weight. The pancreas, the one responsible for producing insulin failed probably because of viral attack or maybe the autoimmune system is triggered therefore making the body fight the cells producing insulin. As a reaction to this, the body seeks for source of energy because there is not enough glucose. It starts to break down the muscle tissue and fat.
  • Glucose coming from the food we eat goes straight to our blood stream. Insulin is the one going to transform this into energy. We all need energy to work and to do our day to day activities. When there is lack in insulin or the cells are immune to it, then the glucose will just stay in your blood. The cell will not have enough energy therefore you will feel tired and weak.
  • Neuropathy is characterized by numbness or tingling sensation in the hands, legs and feet. This occurs because there is a high glucose leading to the damage of nervous system particularly damaging the fingers in the hand and feet. The type 2 diabetes is gradual and people may not aware of having it. Sometimes it takes years to detect and by the time they notice it, blood sugar maybe too high. Often times neuropathy is improve when there is a control in the blood glucose.
  • Other symptoms include blurry vision, dry skin, infections and bruises that take time to heal.


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