Some Useful and Basic Rules for Stretching

Tips on Healthy Stretching Habits

Now-a-days, people are leading a quite busy and sedentary life-style for which they are not getting enough time to take proper care of their health. So to be healthy and to lead a healthy life, we should follow some good practice of doing exercise.

Stretching is a part of exercise which helps strengthen and lengthen our muscles.

Before we start we should know “What is Stretching?..” Stretching is a way of enlarging your muscles to the full extent. Stretching the muscles helps the joints and ligaments to work properly and also helps in decreasing the risk of injury.

Though stretching your muscles is quite easy, but we should be careful in doing this exercise and should follow some basic rules. These are:

1. Do some light exercise:

Before doing any kind of exercise, you need to get your body little warmed up by doing some light jogging or swinging your arms and legs. So it is advisable to do some light exercise before performing the stretching.

2. Don’t over-stretch your muscles:

While performing stretching, don’t try to over-stretch your muscles. Stretching should be done to the point where you feel comfortable. By over-stretching the muscles, we create the risk of injury.

3. Maintain your stretching posture for a specific period of time:

When you are stretching your muscles, maintain that posture for some time (advisable to keep at least for 30 seconds). If you are a beginner in doing this kind of exercise, then it might be difficult to hold this position for 30 seconds. So start it with 10-15 seconds and then increase your time limit to the point where you can comfortably keep the position.

4. Inhale and exhale properly:

This is a very vital and important thing that we should keep in our mind while performing any kind of stretching. While stretching your muscles, inhale and exhale deeply and in a correct pace. While inhaling, your abdominal muscles should come out and your lungs should be filled with fresh air and while exhaling, your abdominal muscles should go in and you leave the air properly. Doing this kind of deep and proper breathing helps you to become stress free. You feel relaxed and your muscles get enough oxygen which helps in better blood circulation.

5. Perform slow, steady and comfortable stretching:

It is always advisable to stretch slowly and comfortably. Don’t try to do any aggressive stretching as this will not help the muscles and ligaments to function properly. So as to make your stretching effective and appropriate, do it calmly.

6. Maintain uniform and parallel stretching:

Always perform stretching by maintaining the uniformity. Stretching is done for the muscles of both side i.e., if you are stretching to the left then stretch to the right to keep balance and uniformity with the muscles. Same thing applies to the front and back side. Keeping uniformity helps the muscles to become strong, consistent and flexible.

Stretching is proved to be an effective exercise to relax your muscles. Stretching not only helps the muscles to become effective, but also it helps you in the long run to lead a healthy and happy life.

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