Sore Feet Natural Treatment

Home Remedies for Sore Feet

A sore foot is caused by extreme walking, running or using your feet standing for a couple of hours especially if it is require in your workplace. Most of the time people who work for construction areas, waitresses, mail man, police officers and sales clerk experiences sore foot. Wearing heels or shoes that are small will also cause sore feet. Your weight can also be one factor that can cause sore feet. The body contains the entire weight of the body so if you are obese more likely you will experience sore feet.

You will feel the arch in your feet begins to swell and would be very painful, giving you a hard time to walk and even having a hard time standing.

Treating Sore Feet at Home

One of the best ways of curing sore feet is to have a foot massage. This will help you improve blood circulation, it is alright to do this on your own but just for making yourself comfortable and relax you can ask the help of a family member to do this for you.

Before the massage you can soak your feet on a tub with salt to ease tiredness and remove bad odor from the feet. While your feet is immerse in water try massaging it with a scrub or towel, in between toes, ankles and sole.

Once you are done you can apply a moisturizer or lotion and may start massaging your feet. If you are alone you can use an empty bottle, lay it on the floor and place your feet on it, pressing your sole to and fro, you would will an soothing feeling as your blood circulation is flowing and your feet is relax.

Prevention is better than cure as what they say, so just to prevent you having sore feet make sure that you wear comfortable shoes at all times. Shoes that will allow your feet to breath and relax. Wearing uncomfortable shoes will cause not only sore feet but other foot problems. Avoid extreme walking and running.

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