Sore Throat Remedies for Kids

What Are The Sore Throat Cures for Kids

Sore throat is a common problem that is experienced by kids involving their upper respiratory tract. This causes discomfort especially to your kids. There are some throat remedies for kids that you can try.

Before you try any over the counter medications that will help threat sore throat, you have to utilize first those sore throat remedies that are proven and trusted. These remedies are oftentimes promoted by the experts in the field of medicine.

What is Sore Throat?

Sore throat is also called as throat pain. This is an ordinary symptom that is due to the other diseases like acute pharyngitis as well as inflammation of the throat. The main source of pain in case of sore throat comes from the oropharynx of the affected person. The symptoms of sore throat basically depend on a case to case basis. The most common signs and symptoms of this disease are:

  • Reddish as well as whitish spots that you can find in the patient's throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing
  • Tonsils that are enlarged and inflamed
  • Headache and Fever
  • Rashes
  • Loss of Appetite

Garlic Use

One of the most effective natural remedy for sore throat is with the use of garlic. The main cause of the occurrence of this condition is because of the invasion of virus in your oropharynx. The most common organism that causes this condition is streptococcus. The anti-viral property of garlic is capable of killing this organism. To do the garlic preparation, you have to put the garlic in a glass of water. Let it infuse in the water for overnight. The preparation can be taken in upon waking up in the morning. You can divide the preparation up to two doses.

Echinacea Use

Another effective remedy for sore throat is with the use of echinacea. This is herbal plant that is under the family of daisy. These herbs are primarily found endemic in central as well as in eastern America. This contains antibacterial as well antiviral properties that help kill the causative agent of sore throat. Aside from that, the ulceration in your throat will heal in no time with the use of this herb. The powdered form of echinacea can be added in your tea. This form of Echinacea is also proven to boost your immune system function.

Ginger Gargle

Ginger is also effective in providing remedy for sore throat of your kids. Just like the garlic and the echinacea, this has antiviral as well as antibiotic properties that will act directly in killing the microorganism causing the disease. Ginger tea in particular must be given to your kid. You can grate 19 grams of ginger and have it simmered. After that, you have to powder it and add it to a cup of water for a total of ten minutes. The final step will be3 straining the mixture. Have your kid use the preparation as gargling substance. It is advised to gargle it every thirty minutes.

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