Spider Veins Home Treatment

Home Remedies for Spider Veins

Having a varicose veins or popular in the term of spider veins is unpleasant to see in the skin, thus do you know the home treatment for spider veins? Understanding the causes of spider veins is vital for its cure, so therefore, it is important to learn the condition before applying the spider veins home treatment that we’ve set for you.

Causes of Spider Veins

Do you see bluish purple appearance that looks like “spider web” on your legs particularly in the area of the thigh? This is a visible sign of spider veins (also known as varicose veins) that causes unpleasant view for the skin because of its dark bluish or purple color which forms a pattern that is unsightly for the eye. And aside from its hideous appearance underneath the surface of the skin, spider veins can cause burning and itchy sensation on the affected area and sometimes incorporated with discomfort and soreness.

This unwanted condition is mainly caused by the build-up of blood clots or blood vessels that are dilated in the veins, thus making it swollen and twisted. The blood clots that form on the veins will cause the flow of the blood to reverse resulting to poor circulation. The swelling of the veins may endure pain if there’s pressure on the affected region especially on the ankles or legs due to prolonged standing. That’s why this condition is common to those people who have jobs standing all day long during their work shifts. Other cause of spider veins is unhealthy lifestyle such as bad eating habits and infrequent physical exercise. It is also linked to pregnancy and to older citizens aging sixty-plus. It is a rare case that the cause is due hereditary traits.

Home Treatment for Spider Veins

Spider veins although it is common but it may be a symptom of other medical disorders particularly heart ailments or skin ulcers, therefore home treatment is vital to avoid other dilemma from this condition. The following are the suitable home treatment as suggested from homemademedicine.com:

Natural Medication – There are numerous natural herbs and extracts that are tested to treat spider veins by improving the circulation of the blood and reduce the threat of inflammation.

  • Horse chestnut seeds. The extract from this seed is known to fortify the veins and other blood vessels in the body that promotes normal and continuous blood circulation. This natural herb can lessen the swelling and the itchiness caused by the condition. However, the treatment should be taken with caution as it can be harmful if taken it larger doses than the recommended dosage.
  • Bilberry. With a minimum dosage of 20 mg to be taken trice a day, it is a good enhancement for the walls of the capillary and its formation.
  • Gingko Biloba. Just 40 mg of the extract can promote better tissue oxygenation as well as the good flow of blood circulation.
  • Hawthorn. The extract from this herb is a rich source of vitamin C and zinc which are helpful for the blood circulation by taking 200 mg thrice a day.

Natural Supplements – Prescription drugs containing bioflavonoids and vitamins C & E are also recommended to treat spider veins. These essential nutrients are also vital for the improved circulation of the blood.

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