Spotting Before Menstruation

Causes of Spotting

Spotting before menstruation and after menstruation is a common phenomenon. It occurs among most of the girls. There are various causes of spotting like stress, smoking, hormonal changes, rise of estrogen in the body. Always check to see that the spotting does not go for long, if it does it is recommended that you consult a doctor.

Spotting before menstruation is considered to be one of the important symptoms that the periods are about to begin in women. This occurs in each and every women and there is nothing to fear about. Spotting includes dark brown spots before and after the periods. It basically is an indicator of your health status. The consistency of the spots varies from woman to woman. In some it might last for a full day while in others it might be there just for a few hours only.

Causes of Spotting

If the spotting is occurring just at the end of the menstrual cycle then it is considered to be just normal as you can be sure that now your periods are going to stop. However if the spotting is occurring in between the menstrual cycles then it might be the case of uterine fibroids.

Yet another important cause of spotting is stress, if you are suffering from physical stress then the spots are likely to occur too. If you witness heavy spotting then you need to take rest as much as possible. Those women who take oral contraceptives are also likely to suffer from heavy spotting. In some cases if you stop taking the oral contraceptives then too spotting might occur.

Spotting Occurring before Menstruation

This is so because the body is getting ready to the hormonal changes which might be occurring in the body before menstruation. This happens when the estrogen level rises in the body which is accompanied with a subsequent drop in the progesterone level. There is however no need to worry about the same. It is good if you consult your doctor in this case just to check whether you are pregnant or not.

Spotting after the sexual intercourse too is bound to occur because of the insertion in the vagina. But if this occurs, you need to restrict your physical movements.

If the spotting is normal then surely there is no cause of worry but if it is abnormal or prolongs for a very longer period of time then you need to check with the doctor. Uterine fibroids are one of the basic causes of heavy spotting. If this is the case you need to monitor it. Thought it needs to be mentioned that uterine fibroids are basically harmless but if you keep an eye on the same it is much better. Spotting during ovulation is considered to be one of the best signs of fertility,

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