Stages of Common Cold

Treating Common Cold

Treating common cold is important at the earliest. There are various stages of common cold. If medicine is not taken at the earliest then you may start to suffer from throat pain, fever, hoarseness in the voice. Vitamin C is basically taken accompanied by Aspirin in the treatment of the common cold.

Common cold can occur to anyone at any point of time irrespective of age and gender. Though it is not deadly but treating of common cold is a must, since it causes lethargy and anxiety, and you don’t feel like working at all.
Cold is a kind of virus which affects the people including the people and young children of any age. It may occur for around one to two weeks. The virus of common cold is said to be airborne and hence any one may catch the cold when any other person who is suffering from common cold sneezes or coughs in front of him.

Symptoms of Common Cold

Common cold can surely make you sick for a week of two and in that period you may start to suffer from runny nose, swelling of sinuses, the throat may become sore, you may find difficulty in eating foods owing to that, there may be constant headache followed by fever as well. A few of these symptoms or most of these symptoms may occur in the person suffering from common cold.

It is basically the nose which is primarily said to be responsible for the entry of the common cold virus, which eventually reaches the throat. The mucus present in the human nose protects you from the common cold. It also prevents other materials like dust particles to enter the respiratory system. The virus may also spread through the droplets of coughs and sneezes which are said to be present in the air. Only a little bit of particles of the virus are said to be able to produce the infection.

Various Stages of Common Cold

In the initial stages of common cold, you may simply feel wiped out, lethargic and perhaps don’t want to do anything. In the next stage you can feel that your throat has become a bit choked, there may be soreness, your nose also appears a bit choked and there may be hoarseness in your voice. This may continue for a few days and if you have not yet taken the medicine then the cold may go to the advanced stages. In the advanced stages you may even find it difficult to talk to someone, there may be constant headache, there may be slight fever also.

It becomes essential that you go to the doctor and get yourself treated because without medicine this may take even more than a week to be cured. You can take aspirin and increase the intake of Vitamin C if you want to get quick relief.

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Name: Rob

"It becomes essential that you go to the doctor and get yourself treated because without medicine this may take even more than a week to be cured.". Actually no medicine cures the common cold, only relieves symptoms.

Name: Danny Hearn

It always frustrates me when people say goto doctors when you get a cold... There's nothing they can do!!! This common.. "Oh I need antibiotics" type mentality is so misplaced!

Name: lindsey

Exactly Danny! We are over-prescribed antibiotics. Tons of water/ hot secret there

Name: John p

Go to the Dr. For Medicine? That is the stupidest thing you could say. Must have been written by a Dr. Looking to russle up some office visit charges. Plenty of liquids , vitamin C and rest .

Name: Lilspeth

I use lemon ginger tea, chicken soup, non-dairy ice cream and plenty of water, iced tea. I am a coffee drinker so I make fresh iced coffee with coconut milk...and take Advil or the like for aches and pains ...Also, a good deep tissue foot and shoulder massage! And most importantly: rest.

Name: kathy Hager

I also take zinc with the vitamin C. Its the main ingredient in the cold eze products.

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