Stomach Polyps Symptoms

Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Polyps

Although Stomach Polyps is a rare health condition and normally unnoticed, it is still important to learn the stomach polyps symptoms and its causes. Polyps or abnormal masses of cells in the stomach’s lining can be discovered through doctor’s examination. This is why learning the signs and symptoms of stomach polyps is vital and very crucial for its prevention and treatment.

Understanding the Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Polyps

The stomach plays a significant role in the digestive system of the human body; any problems or disorders can affect its normal function and might lead to serious health diseases like cancer. When anomalous masses of cells (or typically known as polyps) cover the lining of the stomach, this unusual state is referred as “stomach polyps”. This condition (also referred as gastric polyps) is very unusual to happen, based on certain studies only one percent of the total population in a particular country suffer from stomach polyps.

According to, there are 3 well-known forms of stomach polyps and they are:

  • Hyperplastic – Under this type, the polyps normally measures below one centimeter, but there are also cases it exceeds more than this size and those measuring more than 2 centimeters usually lead to cancer. This condition is also linked to gastritis when there’s inflammation or swelling in the lining of the stomach.
  • Fundic Gland - The polyps on this condition is found in the upper region of the stomach which is known as “fundus”, and normally will not lead to cancer. The occurrence of this uncommon form of stomach polyps is linked to excessive use of a certain anti-ulcer drug called as omeprazole.
  • Adenomas – Like in the condition of Hyperplastic, this type also leads to cancer if not discovered on its early stage, as it can grow more than 2 centimeters on its size. This can be removed through endoscopy. However, it is a very rare form of stomach polyps and people those who have gastritis are usually suffer to this condition.

Doctors clarify that it is hard to detect the symptoms of stomach polyps, because of this, a patient will know that he or she already have stomach polyps when examined by a health practitioner. The symptoms will come out only when the polyp becomes bigger than its normal size. Nevertheless, in most cases of benign conditions treatment is not anymore necessary wherein there is no threat of turning it into cancer.

Stomach Polyps Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

The H. pylori bacteria are believed to cause infection in the lining of the stomach (such as gastritis) then triggers polyps to develop, in particular adenomas and hyperplastic. Vitamin B12 deficiency due to anemia can be another cause to stomach polyps. Furthermore, the age of the person is considered as one of the risk factors to develop polyps in the stomach, as the immune system of the body becomes weaker.

Generally, the symptoms will only show up due to complications as the polyps increased on its normal size such as:

  • Abdominal cramps, pain and discomfort
  • Constipation and bleeding due to infection
  • Nausea, loss of appetite, and vomiting

Although treatment is not often required for benign stomach polyps, severe cases are usually treated by the means of endoscopy to remove the oversized polyps, while the use of antibiotics is applied to kill the bacteria causing the infection.

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