Sunburn Blister Remedies

Home Treatment for Sunburn Blisters

Aside from the pain that you might experience in case your skin is sunburned, an additional complication may occur in the type of sunburn blisters. Simple sunburn is just considered as first degree burn but due to complications like blisters, it can now be turn as second degree burn. In order to alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by sunburn blisters, there are several effective sunburn blister remedies discussed in this article.

Remedies for Sunburn Blisters

One point that you should not forget during the course of sunburn blister treatment, it is very significant not to break the blister’s surface, scratch, poke or rupture the affected skin. Basically, a blister is a one of form of the body’s defense mechanism this is to allow the healing process of the skin. Bursting or rupturing the blister can surely cause more problems due to bacterial infections that may occur. During the treatment period, it is very important to avoid sun exposure to quicken the recovery of the burned skin.

  • What to Use?

  • As the skin is severely burned, it is very important to apply it with moisturizer that can able to help decrease this painful feeling. Applying it with aloe vera or cooling cream for numerous times a day can provide a sunburn blister relief. Do not use products that may contain alcohol, since it has a more drying effect that can cause further stretch and irritation of the skin. To provide soothing feeling you can use cold compresses. A nice cool bath is also very helpful.

    In case of sunburn blisters in the face, well it can be traumatic for some people because of the issues like scarring permanently. To avoid permanent scarring, it is ideal not to scratch or run the sunburn. Just let it be and the blisters will just fall off eventually and the new skin will appear. In order to avoid infections or other problems, do not touch or rub your face especially if you are not washing hands.

  • The Use of Aloe Vera

  • Aloe vera gel is an effective way to remedy your sunburn blisters. To do this just get a fresh lead and cut it off and get the sap and apply it directly on the blisters. They are effective because they can provide a hydrating and cooling effect. In case the sunburn blisters have reached your lips, then you can also try the same treatment for any sunburn blisters.

    There are also certain over-the-counter medications that you can use to treat your sunburn blisters like aspirin and ibuprofen as well as other drugs that are non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs. These drugs can alleviate redness and pain cause by this condition. It is also very vital to drink a lot of fluids especially water for it can help you to stay hydrated and improve your condition quickly. According to, in case you develop severe pain, swollen lymph nodes and fever, do not hesitate to consult a doctor because it can be an indication of other medical condition

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