Symptoms of Bowel Cancer

Bowel Cancer and Its Symptoms

Bowel cancer and its symptoms need to be known in order to prevent it from occurring. There are a number of symptoms of bowel cancer like lump in the abdomen, pain in the rectum, losing weight. There may be a loss of weight also. Once these symptoms become visible it is important that you consult doctor so as to treat the same.

Bowel Cancer is one of the most common. A family history of bowel cancer is said to be one of the most important causes of this cancer. Often people who suffer from Crohn disease are also likely to get it. Though there is no effective cure available for bowel cancer just like the other cancer but preventing it from occurring is possible.

Bowel cancer affects the rectum in the initial stages and once it spreads it may affect the other organs of the body like the lungs, brain. To prevent the bowel cancer it is essential to know its symptoms, which if detected earlier can prevent the cancer from spreading.

Symptoms of Bowel Cancer

There are a number of symptoms which can help us in analysing the bowel cancer. The most common such symptom is coming of blood along with your stool. You are also likely to suffer from diarrhoea or the stool may change their colour. Sometimes a lump may also develop in the abdomen or in the rectum. There is a sudden loss of weight due to unknown causes. The person who may be having bowel cancer may start to suffer from very severe pain in the abdomen or in the rectum. The skin becomes pale and there is immense fatigue so much so that the people always feel tired and worn out. Constipation may also become frequent.

In the person who is suffering from bowel cancer, a shortage of red blood cells may occur in the blood thus leading to anaemia which is accompanied by tiredness and fatigue and breathlessness.
You may start visiting the toilet more frequently than in the past along with changes in your bowel movements. Sometimes there is the formation of lumps in the abdomen and swelling too may occur.

Treating Bowel Cancer

If you suffer from any of the above mentioned symptoms then it is high time that you consult your doctor. The doctor keeping in view your age and family history will ask you to undergo several tests with the help of which it can be confirmed whether you suffer from bowel cancer or not. If you suffer from it, then there are likely chances that you may have to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy in order to prevent the cancer from spreading to various other parts of the body.

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