Symptoms of COPD Disease

Signs and Symptoms of COPD Disease

If you want to identify a health condition, you should know the signs and symptoms. COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is a serious condition that you must identify as early as possible. When you see or feel the signs, it is time to seek medical help.

It’s quite easy to tell if you’re suffering from a health condition. When something doesn’t feel right, you have to consult a doctor. It is important that you are diagnosed properly especially if you’re dealing with COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. You need to watch out for the warning signs but since this is unique to every person, you need to be observant. For individuals experiencing breathing difficulties on a regular basis, you have to look for other signs like increase in sputum that is extra sticky or thick, wheezing, confusion, sleepiness, ankle swelling, increase/decrease in weight, morning headaches, etc.

The Symptoms of the Disease

When you feel and see the warning signs, you have to call a medical specialist immediately. Once you’re diagnosed with COPD, you have to avoid smoking and you should avoid theophylline, cough suppressant or codeine, and nasal sprays. The most common symptoms of COPD disease are the following – ongoing cough, breath shortness, wheezing, and chest tightness. It is said that the symptoms usually become noticeable several years before you experience breath shortness because of decreased airflow into the lungs. Since the symptoms of the condition are similar to other health problems, only a doctor can present you with accurate diagnosis.

COPD sufferers tend to have flu and colds most of the time. Severe conditions are identified because of the swelling of legs, feet, and ankles. Since there is low oxygen level in the body, you will also notice that the lips are bluish in color. The symptoms tend to get worse as time pass and so there is a need to introduce changes into your lifestyle. If you can’t breath with ease, you should take the elevator and don’t climb a flight of stairs. Severe situations are usually required to be treated in hospitals.

When you experience these symptoms, you will need immediate emergency care – can’t breath easily, fast heartbeat, gray or bluish fingernails and lips, and worsening of other symptoms. This is a serious condition that you must act on. Don’t ignore the symptoms because you’re putting your life in danger, and that of your family. Try to have a watchful eye especially if you’re prone to COPD. It is not advised that you use medicines without accurate diagnosis. Visit your family physician today and you can be referred to specialists in your area. It pays to be knowledgeable enough. Use the internet to

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