Symptoms of Cervix Cancer

What are the Symptoms of Cervix Cancer

Symptoms of Cervix Cancer can be easily determined if proper precautions are taken by the women. An important feature of this form of cancer is its slow growth which most of the times go unnoticed till it turns to an advanced stage. In order to prevent cervical cancer it is very important to know the symptoms of cervix cancer.

Cervical cancer is a malignant form of cancer of the cervical area. It may start with vaginal bleeding but it may develop in the advanced stage. Its treatment consists of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy in the advanced stages. Cervical cancer occur when the abnormal cells of the cervix change, grow out of control and lead to abnormal growth in tissues and organs of the body. It is very important to know its symptoms in order to cure it. Cervical cancer symptoms often go unnoticed by most of the women as a mere PMS or ovulation pains. Most of the times, the symptoms are not even experienced by women until the disease advances to the malignant stage.

Symptoms of Cervix Cancer- It is important to know the symptoms of cervical cancer. These include-Women may experience abnormal bleeding from the vagina during the monthly periods. Bleeding may also occur between the regular monthly cycles, menstrual period may last longer than 6 days and are even heavier than normal. Sometimes there may be heavy vaginal discharge which may smell foul or thick. Many women also experience Pelvic Pain which may be mild or severe.

Excessive pain which occurs during sexual intercourse may also be one of the symptoms of cervical cancer. This may occur because of the irritation of the cervix during sexual activities. Another important symptom is the frequency of urine may also increase and pain may occur during urination.

Advanced Stage Cervical Cancer Symptoms- The advanced stage of cervical cancer may include loss of appetite, weight loss, fatigue, pain in the back and legs, bones may be prone to quick fractures. When the cancer spreads to bladder, pain in the bladder also occur which ultimately lead to painful urination.

Cervical cancer symptoms may vary from women to women, while few women may complain about many of these symptoms, there may be a few who do not experience such symptoms at all. Usually these are the symptoms which may be symptoms of other diseases as well so it is not possible to distinguish them clearly. Whenever any woman experience any of these, it is important to report to the doctor.

The women should go for a Pap smear test if they suffer from any of the above mentioned symptoms in order to find out about cervical cancer. If the test shows abnormal cell changes then the doctor may follow it with other tests to know the growth of cancerous cells these may include Colposcopy, Biopsy, Endocervical curettage, Conization.

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