Symptoms of Constipation during Pregnancy

What are the Symptoms of Constipation during Pregnancy

It is a must to know detailed symptoms of constipation during pregnancy for rectifying such issues at the appropriate time. It is a common scene that pregnant women often face such situations when constipation catches them and keep their morale low. It is indeed too much uncomfortable condition for pregnant women suffering from constipation. The level of uncomfortable situation is higher in them then that could be in the normal cases.

Even though many advancements have occurred in the medical sciences but still it has not been assessed completely why constipation is so common in women during their pregnancy period. The situation becomes perplex and tough to manage as pregnant woman require utmost care in all of her activities. Once this situation catches up she bears the burnt of unmanageable bowel movements that are comparatively harder in consistency for these women. At times bowel movements are painful as well as complete elimination doesn’t happen hence one is forced to go for repeated bowel movements but still fail to eliminate. Such situations affect a pregnant woman in terms of uneasiness and managing this typical problem becomes a tough job.

Symptoms of Constipation

There are so many symptoms of constipation during pregnancy that should be known for timely resolving of this issue. One of the major symptoms is infrequent bowel movements on daily basis. Common reason of constipation during pregnancy, as it is assumed by experts, is the natural phenomenon in pregnancy in which body muscles relax. As intestines remain in relaxant mode constipation in such situation can’t be ruled out.

Commonly growing baby starts putting pressure on lower intestines in the last phase of pregnancy when delivery is expected sooner. As such situation is complex the condition itself may cause some sort of problem including constipation. It is one such symptom that must be noted carefully to cope up with this medical condition in more systematic manner. Gynecologists prescribe medication in which iron and calcium supplements are given to reduce the impact of constipation.

More Symptoms

There are a few more symptoms that may not be understood easily by a laywoman but these are important ones that play crucial role in inviting a situation in which one may face constipation during pregnancy. One of the most noticeable and highly problematic contributing factors that are the symptoms of great concern is hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes are normal and are the part of the pregnancy phase. But they cause slowness in the intestinal tract hence facing constipation is understood on such situations.

There are a few more reasons that must be understood properly why constipation is so common during pregnancy. As a pregnant women do maximum bed rest and her mobilization too lessens that too with least exercising workouts and not taking required intake of fiber or fluids then facing constipation becomes common scene.

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