Symptoms of Kidney Infection in Women

Understanding the Symptoms of Kidney Infection

Symptoms of kidney infection in women need to be treated in order to avoid further complications. If you have difficulty in urinating or there occurs pus or blood in the urine then you need to be cautious and consult the doctor. Women should try to understand the symptoms of kidney infection so that the infection can be treated.

Women are more prone to suffer from kidney infection than men because they have a shorter urethra, thus making it easier for the bacteria to move upwards and infect kidneys as well. It is important to treat the kidney infection as soon as it occurs since a mere overlooking of the problem may aggravate the condition.

Causes of Kidney infection- Kidney infection originates in the urinary tract and thereon infects the kidneys. The presence of bacteria in the urine may lead to an infection which may affect not just the urinary tract but the urinary bladder and kidneys as well. Sexual intercourse is one of the main reasons for infection of the urinary tract because the bacteria may enter through the urethra into the urinary system. Pregnant women too are susceptible to get the infection, around 2%-8% women may get urinary infection. If urinary catheters are injected because of illness, paralysis or inability to urinate they may also lead to the infection in the kidney. Kidney stones are also known to increase the risk of kidney infection.

Symptoms of kidney infection – Kidney infection can be known because of the presence of a large number of symptoms. These symptoms may vary from person to person. When there is infection in the kidneys there may be pain in different parts of the body. Pain may be experienced in the lower section of the back or in the armpit. There may be pain in the abdominal areas. These symptoms can occur at anytime and may disappear also. The urge to urinate increases and the person may want to go to urinate more at night time. There may be a burning sensation and redness in the area. Urine may be of foul smell; sometimes it could be thick and cloudy too. Often pus and blood also comes with urine.

The feeling of nausea increases and often it would lead to vomiting. There can be chills and mild fever and the person may suffer from shakiness. The entire body may ache. Sometimes the body may become tender to touch and this leads to even more discomfort. The person may suffer from a loss of appetite. There may be fatigue and general weakness.

Diagnosis of Kidney Infection- The kidney infection should not be overlooked and if one or more symptoms appear, the doctor should be consulted immediately. The doctor may ask for pelvic exam in order to know about the pelvic infection. Urine sample may be taken to diagnose.

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