Symptoms of Nerve Damage in Feet

What Are the Symptoms of Nerve Damage in Feet

When there is presence of nerve damage, an affected individual may feel some of the symptoms. These symptoms are usually overlooked and can lead to further compromise other body parts. Because of this, one must be aware of the symptoms of nerve damage in feet.

Serious sequelae may result in sudden damage of the nerves that can be found in the feet. In order to fully identify if there are already nerve damages, one must be equipped with the information concerning the symptoms of nerve damage in feet.

How Nerve Damage in Feet Occurs?

Nerve damage is present because of some factors. This can be functional or caused by other diseases. In functional cause, there are anatomical errors in the development of the nerves in the feet. The nerves in this body part may have increased fragility or may have decrease in vessel diameter. This will eventually lead to nerve damage. There are also some cases that the main reason why there is nerve damage is because of certain diseases. Good example of this is diabetes mellitus. In this case, there is an increase in the viscosity of the blood leading to increase in the pressure in the walls of the arteries. A tear in the tunica intima happens, leading to sudden damages of the nerves.


The most common manifestation of nerve damage in the feet is numbness. This is a condition where there is less sensation felt in the feet. Numbness happens because of the decrease in the blood supply to the cells of your feet. In order for the cells of your feet to do their function especially in the aspect of sensation, they need proper supply of blood with oxygen and nutrients. So in the case of nerve damage, this is negative. A person who experiences numbness is very much prone to falls. So, ensuring safety of the affected person is a must.

Tingling Sensation

Tingling sensation is also one of the main symptoms of nerve damage in the feet. Same reason is applied here. The tissues or the cells of your feet need proper nourishment from the oxygenated blood. They perform well when they are supplied with the nutrients from the blood circulation. When there is damage in the nerves, there is sudden disruption of the blood supply in these particular cells. As a result, one may experience a tingling sensation. The main characteristic of tingling sensation is that an individual may feel that there is some kind of pin or needle stabbing his feet.

Muscle Deterioration

Once there is damage in the nerves in the feet, there is a noticeable deterioration of the muscles in that particular area. Muscles are composed of tissues and tissues are composed of cells. For the cell to function and to maintain their shape, it must be properly nourished with the nutrients found in the circulating blood. Once the cells are not nourished properly, they easily lose their tone leading to deterioration. If a person has muscles that are deteriorating, safety must always be prioritized.

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