Symptoms of Scratched Cornea

What are the Symptoms of Scratched Cornea

Also called corneal abrasion in medical terminology scratched cornea creates irritating situation for an individual after catching up. This disease brings unbearable pain hence one must manage it the moment symptoms of scratched cornea is felt. Though very much medically jargoned but knowing symptoms safeguards one from further irritation. Such issues are directly related to colored portion of clear surface of eye named iris that demands utmost protection for better functioning.

It is important to know more about various symptoms of scratched cornea. Once you are aware of them then your task is simplified for keeping control over the situation especially to avoid scratched cornea. Main indication is scratch like sign on eye’s clear surface that protects iris. Don’t take this disease lightly as its consequences are highly problematic. Medical experts opine that it is serious health issue that must be tacked keenly. The noticeable aspect though is that cornea is the only tissue in our bodies that has distinction of being fastest-healing tissue. This specific feature make scratched cornea easily treatable.

Causes of Scratched Cornea

There can be several causes but there are a few that must be explored to keep vigil on the symptoms of scratched cornea. Look at the reasons like what major factors that work behind causing scratched cornea are and when such factors are understood rest aspects are automatically simplified. Often scratched cornea causes due to impromptu hitting of tree branches on face when one is engaged in any such task. Poked in eye is a possible cause. Likewise if one is blown in eye this too may create big problem. Instant falling of something on eyes –smaller or bigger – can become a cause of concern.

Major Symptoms

Basic problem that scratched cornea sufferers feel is initial pain in eyes due to various external problems. It may not cause dangerous situation in initial stage but it is a major symptom. Such pains should be made base and symptomatic factor to process next aspect. Soon after this initial pain in eye evaluation becomes necessary as it would help you take next steps to treat scratched cornea. Proper evaluation of damage caused by any hitting etc help one knows level of scratched cornea and options to keep control over that. Injured eyes must be protected for betterment at the initial stage itself. Any delay in evaluation means inviting bigger problems. One’s feeling that something lies in eye can be one of the many such symptoms.


Having been victimized by scratched cornea means one suffers from countless problems. Eyes are swollen and which also produce tears. Blurred vision is common scene. In certain cases complete loss of vision is also possible. Squinting and feeling hurt while facing light is one of the commonest scenes in case one suffers from scratched cornea like symptoms.

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