Symptoms of Severe PMS

PMS Symptoms in Women

Symptoms of severe are many and they need to be known so that it can be controlled at the earliest. These includes muscle pain, bloating, fatigue, weakness, eye problems, mood swings. At times there might be swelling of the breast. PMS symptoms in women are different in different women, they vary a lot.

Premenstrual Syndrome is a very common problem affecting a majority of women, in this there are certain changes which occurs in her body both on a physical and mental level as well. This might in some cases become so severe that it is known to affect the overall living of the women who suffers from the same.

PMS is basically known to occur in women just 3-4 days before the start of their menstruation. Some women might suffer from a moderate form of PMS while in some other cases it might be on the extreme.

One of the prime causes of PMS is the changes in hormones which affect women during her menstruation time.

At times no treatment is required for PMS and this is known to subside after a certain time on its own, but if it doesn’t then surely you need to consult the doctor.

Symptoms of PMS- in severe cases there are a number of symptoms which might occur in the women’s body and which signify that she is suffering from a severe kind of PMS. These includes swelling of the breasts, tenderness too is quite visible on the breasts. There is a complete mood swing and you may suffer from irritation on a larger scale if you are suffering from PMS. There might be severe pain in the muscles as well and cramps too might occur.

Headaches and in extreme cases migraine too occurs which can also be regarded as the symptoms of PMS. The women may suffer from hopelessness and depression also.

There might be weakness in the body and you many not feel like doing anything. Your concentration power too is said to be affected by PMS.

Extreme symptoms of PMS- Bloating also is a common symptom of PMS. The women who suffers from PMS may develop an oversensitive nature and cries a lot. Sometimes she will be angry and at times she will be polite without knowing all by herself.

At times acne too develops which can also be problematic. The memory power too seem to be affected by the same. In some of the extreme cases the women might also suffer from respiratory problems like asthma and allergies in the body. Sometimes there might be problems in the eye as well. She may start to gain weight in spite of the fact that she isn’t eating much. There might also occur back pain and muscle pain which too can be troublesome. Symptoms of PMS vary from one woman to another.

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Name: Janice peters

I am in full menopause now ten years. I still suffer from at least 5 of them. I used to get very bloodshot in one eye at a cycle. Now I am losing my sight due to bleeding. I wish some one out there could help me. I know it is hormonal. The dr. Fixes one eye the cycle kicks in and it starts bleeding. My insurance has paid tens of thousands, and the co-pays are draining me.

Name: Natasha

I have severe pms st\ymtoms from severe ibs for 2 weeks every month. Oh my gosh its so painful I can't handle it. I cry all the time. I keep trying natural remedies buy nothing will help a lot.

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