Symptoms of Teen Depression

What Are The Signs of a Depressed Teen?

Sometimes it is very crucial to spot the symptoms of depression as certain symptoms if neglected can cause serious mental problems. A teen is described as depressed if his or her mental condition hampers his or her usual expected activities. People around should be able to track the changes and decide if the child is really depressed or not.

An early and proper judgment of depression symptoms in teens is a must to avoid any unbearable situations later as many a time these symptoms match perfectly with daily chores that makes it difficult for others to differentiate.

Teenager’s attitude can define a lot about their mental condition. Depressed teens often wear a negative attitude for life. Even the most beautiful things for children of their age might be adult experience for them. They might wear black clothes, engaging themselves in composing poetry or keeping them unnecessary occupied in many things that have least importance in their life. They prefer to live in world of their own and feel satisfied within their own world. Depressed teen may believe in the negativity of the situation more than looking into the positive aspect of the matter.

When a teenager is depressed, he or she might ignore his heart favorite games and prevent oneself to get involved in other activities which were once that as most enjoyable for them. Persistent board down and low energy attitude may prevail for a long time. Dropped academic results and list concentration problems can to be sited in case of depressed teens which may lead to social isolation. They may feel miserable to share their feelings with their family members and even with their closest friends. The two met a wide social gatherings and events as that would provide a wide exposure to them.

Depressed teens may take upon themselves to blame of any negative mishaps happening around them and feel like a failure. Their self-confidence is stricken by the negative thoughts. With every supposed rejection depressed teens become more depressed and helpless. This develops a feeling of irritation, anger and harshness in their attitude and gradually they become more hostile towards others. Sometimes physical illness such as head aches and stomachaches may be associated with depression.

Normal patterns like sleeping and eating patterns may also undergo significant changes which may affect day-to-day life. Sometimes while interrogating with the child, to child might run away and avoid eye contact with the parents. This may be the first time the parents realize that their children has a problem and needs serious help.

Depressed teens need to be handled very carefully as they often live in a separate world of theirs and feel uncomfortable when someone tries to peep into it.

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