Symptoms of Trench Mouth

Knowing About Trench Mouth Symptoms

There are various symptoms of trench mouth which if detected at the earliest may help to prevent the infection from spreading to other organs. Knowing about trench mouth symptoms will surely help to prevent the same from occurring. These include swollen gums, bleeding from gums, pain, developing a thin film around teeth and gums.

Trench mouth is said to be a painful form of gingivitis. The disorder was basically popular during the Second World War. Trench mouth is also called as Vincent’s stomatitis. It is however a very rare disease and basically affects people lower than the age of 35.

The basic cause of trench mouth is the excessive growth of bacteria in the mouth which thereon causes an infection of the gums. If this is left untreated it might lead to the formation of painful ulcers in the mouth. Trench mouth may occur due to poor oral hygiene, lack of proper nutrition. Excessive smoking too might be an essential factor leading to Trench mouth.

Symptoms of Trench Mouth

There are a number of symptoms of trench mouth which if known can help in preventing the disorder. You need to see whether your gums have become unhealthy, or if they are dark in colour, if the colour of the gums has turned gray then too it might be the beginning of trench mouth.

If you are finding it difficult in swallowing food or if you are suffering from difficulty in speaking this too might be due to trench mouth. If the pain in your gums is becoming unbearable or extremely sensitive then this too is yet another symptom of trench mouth.

If you are suffering from weak immune system there are possibilities that you might suffer from trench mouth. Also, if you smoke heavily or do not take healthy rich food then too you might suffer from the same.
Yet a basic symptom of the disease is bleeding from the gums even if they are slightly pressed. There occur sores in between your gums and teeth. You might start suffering from slight fever. There may be swollen lymph nodes not just around your jaws but also around your head and neck. You might also start suffering from weakness.

Preventing Trench Mouth

The bad thing about the disease is that the infection is known to spread very quickly and within a short period of time it might spread to other organs like lips, jaws and head.

You need to be very careful with regard to trench mouth and if any of these symptoms occur, it is advisable that you need to consult a good dentist at the earliest in order to prevent it from spreading to other parts. You also need to regular brush your teeth and floss your mouth if you need to avoid this disease. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is very much essential.

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