Teenage Panic Attacks

How to Prevent A Panic Attack

Generally, teenage panic attacks happen to most teenagers during teenage years. The panic attack can happen anytime but in some women it occurs during the menopausal period. Thus, panic attack seems to be unpredictable as it comes out of the blue that is triggered by a specific phobia.

The teenage panic attacks can happen to anyone anytime. That is why it is necessary to know the nature of the attack as well as its symptoms. Some of the symptoms that commonly occur include dizziness, intense fear, sweating, pounding heart, fear of dying and losing control. On the other hand, when left untreated the attack may worsen and lead to panic disorder. In this sense, seeking immediate treatment should be the priority in order not to aggravate the condition.

Things to Know About Teenage Panic Attacks

  • Rule out the causes

    The first step to understand the teenage panic attack is to rule out or determine the medical conditions. This is because there are several medical conditions involve that can trigger the symptoms. Respiratory problems, heart problems are some of the medical conditions that can trigger panic attack. In like manner, circulatory problems can also lead to numbness with sweating and depersonalization. However, there are instances when the symptoms overlap with the medical conditions. That is why it is necessary to consult your doctor.

  • Identify the triggers

    Obviously, there are several factors that trigger the panic attack. It ranges from simple to complex yet trauma is the common culprit of the panic attack. In this case, therapy is the right way to overcome the panic attack. The therapy can determine the source of the triggers whether it is internal or external. Identifying the triggers of panic attack can give way of changing the pattern of behavior that can help the teenager deal with the feelings of panic.

  • Panic in teens

    A person who experiences episodes of panic attacks can lead to more debilitating situation. There are several mental health conditions caused by the panic attack. That is why it is important to have a clear picture of the symptoms so that it will be diagnosed properly. Keep in mind that peer and social pressure can also make a teen panicky.

  • Solutions for panic attacks

    Once the condition is ruled out the next thing to do are to find the right solution appropriate to the symptoms. Since the panic attacks involves brain function it is important to ensure having proper nutrition and diet, adequate sleep and proper exercise. In like manner, it is also encouraged to eliminate intake of caffeine, tobacco, caffeine and sweeteners.

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