Teenage Pregnancy Risk

Threats of Teenage Pregnancy

Being pregnant and bringing the most beautiful gift of God to earth is perhaps what that makes a woman complete. But this fact may not be true for all those teenage mothers who not only by their decision pose threats to their own life but also to the child who has been brought to the earth by them.

Infants who are born to teenage mothers are at increased risk as compared to other infants who are born to adult women.

As teenage mothers are more likely to smoke during their pregnancy period, the risk of their baby developing many health problems is obvious. In 2004, 14.2 per cent of pregnant teens between 15 to 19 years smoked as compared to 10.2 per cent of all pregnant women. Teens eating habits make it very difficult for the infant to survive in the existing conditions. Teens also are more likely to drink alcohol, or take drugs during pregnancy, which can cause health problems for the baby.

Low birthrate is often associated with inadequate weight of teenage mothers. Again low birthrate is the cause of many childhood disorders and these babies are often seen to have underdeveloped limbs as well as some important internal organs.

Even the teenage mothers receive less prenatal care which again adds to the risk factors as the growing fetus needs constant monitoring and care. From 2000 to 2002, an average 7 percent of mothers’ ages 15 to 19 years received late or no prenatal care (compared to 3.8 percent for all ages) American Medical Association (AMA) states that babies born to mothers who do not have proper prenatal care are 4 times more likely to die before the age of 1 year.

The picture of life is not so clear for a teenage mother and her baby. Teenage mothers are more likely to be tagged as dropouts from school which again drags them to a dark future. It’s shocking to know that only 40 percent of teenagers who have children before age 18 go on to graduate from high school, compared to 75 percent of teens from similar social and economic backgrounds who do not give birth until ages 20 or 21.

It is clear that a teenage mother is financially depended on others to sustain herself as well as her baby and so she is more likely to live in poverty. Girl babies of teenage mothers are 22% more likely to become teenage mothers by themselves.

It is always wise to know the consequences of a decision that would question your future as it is you who will be responsible for your life.


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