Testicular Cancer Natural Treatment

Natural Treatment for Testicular Cancer

When cancer cells starts to damage the testicles, testicular cancer also begins. You would know if you are having problems with the male reproductive organ if your testes begin to enlarge or the scrotum’s vein begins to be heavy or fluid is being build up, inflammation in the testicles and abdominal pain or back pain is extremely felt.

There are certain allegories saying that once surgeries are done for testicular cancer chances are that it will multiply. Surgical procedure however prevents the growth of cancer cell to spread but there are natural ways to cure testicular cancer

It is important for those who are experiencing illness specifically cancer, needs to undergo an all fruit diet. Cancer cells is being nourish by the food we eat, one way killing cancer cells is to have a cleansing diet through fasting. You can try an all fruit diet, including vegetables but make sure that you intake or drink plenty of water more than the recommended amount in a day.

Preventing yourself from alcoholic drinks, carbonated drinks, processed food and smoking will help you survive testicular cancer. Eating fruits rich in lycopene such as tomatoes will defend you against illness.
Include green tea as part of your diet as it contains antioxidant that prevents and cures cancer. A study shows that continuous drinking of green tea in 3 months will kill the cancer cells and recovery is achieved faster.

It is also recommended to eat food high in Omega 3 fatty acids as it reduce or lessen the progress of cancer cells. Eating sea foods such as tuna, salmon, sardines and other cold water fish will hinder cancer to development. The body cannot produce its own Omega 3 fatty acid that is why it is suggested to include these into your nutritional diet.

Testicular cancer can affect a man at any age and once it begins it is more likely to spread quickly in just a matter of 30 days, it is recommended for men that once they experience the symptoms of testicular cancer to immediately consult a medical adviser for checkup to avoid severe condition to occur.

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