The Causes of Back Muscle Pain

What are the Causes of Back Pain and its Treatment

Do you feel pain in the muscles of your back constantly? Find out what you’re doing wrong, what you can do to get rid of that annoying ache, and how you can stop it from coming back.

The back is the most neglected and taken granted among all the parts of our body. We know the importance of exercising the legs and arms, as well as the shoulders and abdomen, but none of us realize the importance of taking care of our back. That is, until we feel muscular back pain.

What causes muscular pain? And what can we do to eliminate or prevent it from coming back?

Muscular Imbalances

Muscular imbalance occurs when a muscle is not stretched or relaxed enough during an activity. This is characteristic of muscles that are not equally strengthened. This condition could be caused by poor posture because not all muscles are contracted or relaxed when moving using wrong posture.

Overusing a muscle is also a factor for muscular imbalances and, thus, back muscle pain. Muscle strains could result from sports injuries, weight lifting, as well as backpacks that are too heavy and sudden movement.

It may sound contradictory to the idea that muscle pain is caused by overuse of the muscles, especially to those that do not like to do exercise. However, it is not. Lack of exercise results to poor muscles, which are not strong enough to withstand injury or recover from it, hence people who do not exercise have muscles that are easily injured even with just a little strain.

Auto Accidents

Injuries that stem from automobile crashes hit the neck and upper back muscles badly. This causes damage to the muscles of your back, and can cause chronic back muscle pain after the accident.


Yes, stress can cause back muscle pains. This is because when we are tense, our muscles contract more than normal. We are always at edge hence our muscles are always hard and tense.

What Can We Do to Avoid Back Muscle Pain?

Back muscle pain can be avoided by keeping yourself in shape. Always exercise so that the muscles’ strength are increased proportionately and they build up enough of it to withstand causes of injury. Strong muscles also recover quickly. When exercising, remember not to subject the muscles right away into activities that strain them especially when you have not exercised for a long time. Warm and stretch them up first so they will be ready for the actual routine.

Learn to handle stress. Learn to relax. Not only will you suffer from back pains when you’re constantly stressed, you are also prone to high blood pressure as well as ailments of your heart.

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