The Many types of Stomach Virus

Various Kinds of Stomach Viruses

Everyone gets annoyed by stomach problems every now and then. Sometimes we get afflicted by the dreaded stomach flu caused by stomach viruses. Find out what stomach viruses are by reading through this informative and helpful medical article intended to educate people about these microorganisms.

Normally, people would think that stomach viruses affect the stomach which turns out to be erroneous.

“Stomach” viruses actually enter the intestines and wreak havoc which causes people to suffer gastroenteritis or the so-called stomach flu.

The Many Types of Stomach Viruses

There is not just one type of stomach virus that affects the body. There are a lot of them, and we will discuss them here in this article.


The rotavirus is the most common culprit in stomach flu. It primarily affects children as old as 5 years old. When a child is affected with the rotavirus, he or she vomits or has water diarrhea for 3 days or until a week. Some cases include fever and abdominal pain. It usually strikes between November to April the next year. It takes 1 or 2 days before the effects of the rotavirus appear.


The adenovirus has several strains that affect several parts of the body, and only one strain is associated with diarrhea. Unlike the rotavirus, it takes a week for the symptoms to start bothering the victim. It can also attack anytime all year round. It also affects children, but those aged below 2 years.


These strains of stomach viruses are different from the previous two, because it affects both children and adults. There are four types of calciviruses and the most common among these is the norovirus. Noroviruses are notorious for causing outbreaks of the stomach flu in people of all ages, and is known to attack between October to April.

Noroviruses afflict the most severe of symptoms for victims of their onslaught. People who contract noroviruses will suffer nausea, diarrhea, fatigue and headaches. In some cases, they may also have muscle pains. These symptoms appear 1 to 3 days after contracting the virus.


Astroviruses are similar to calciviruses because they affect people of all ages, but it is active only during the winter months. Like the calciviruses, these stomach viruses cause people to display symptoms 1 to 3 days after being exposed.

How the Effects of Stomach Viruses Are Treated

There is no instant treatment for the symptoms of stomach viruses. The only thing that you can do is to ride and weather them out. That means you have to stop taking in food as this could cause the stomach to become more upset. Drink it minimal amounts of water, just enough not to cause vomiting. You may drink non-prescription at the dose that is recommended in the medicine packaging.

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Name: Stephanie

hi im steph and im 15 years old , i started getting awfull tummy cramps and pain along with feeling really hot in school yesterday morning, i just thought it was period pain but it got worse and i started realesing exetremly bad diorehha and i was feeling quite sick. so my mum took me home when i got home i was sick about 12 times and towards the last time i was sick it was just water being realeased and the diorehha continued to worsen i felt very fatiged and weak i havent been sick for about 6 hours and havent had any diorehha for about 5 hours, i dont think its food poisining as im a vegerterian and have a very safe basic diet anyway. please help im worried. (sorry about the spelling).

Name: Nick

Well you should just drinks lots of water and wait till it goes away.

Name: shawnna

I'm 17 and I need advice I have stomach cramps and adominal pain I am wondering what kind of virus that is attacking me

Name: Stephanie

I had the stomach virus this summer, now my daughter has it 5 months later, can i recatch it?

Name: Veronica

Hi i was just at the doctors on Thursday and when i told them that it hurt to eat my doctor was like well there is a virus but dont know so i went to the hospital and they don't know but the pain gets worsens every time i eat like the pain comes from the middle of my tummy and then it goes up to my chest and i'm scarred that this is a very bad viruse that will probably never go away and i need some acidic on this pain.

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