The Recall of Digitek Tabs

Digitek Tabs are Recalled

Just recently, Digitek tabs were asked to be recalled because of what authorities pertain to as a “dangerous double dose of an active ingredient”.

Initially, Digitek tabs were developed to help aid in treating heart ailments and in assisting upon heart failures. This particular line of tabs has been developed by Actavis Totowa.

Because of a certain mishap, the people who developed Digitek Tabs have just recently called for a recall of the tablets. Digitek Tabs were initially developed to help aid in heart problems. It can also be used to stabilize and normalize irregular heart beating. But in a recent concern, Actavis Totowa believed that the tabs which have a double dose of the active ingredient may have also been accidentally released in the market. Because of this, they themselves have established that a recall must be made to ensure the safety of the public.

In general, if these double dosed tabs will reach consumers they will really experience a surge of major symptoms. According to experts, it can cause the possibility of obtaining “digitalis toxicity.” Eventually, this can lead to other really negative and rather painful effects such as vomiting, slowing down of heart rate, notable decrease in blood pressure, instability in cardiac functions, and at its extreme—death. For the time being, Actavis Totowa has disclosed that they already received a lot of reports about injuries and illnesses related with Digitek tabs.

Because of this, the public is being warned about purchasing Digitek tabs. Although some people can still not avail this easily, an easy prescription from a licensed medical professional can already give people access to these tabs. So aside from recalling it from the market, Actavis Totowa is also coming up with various ways in which it can reach out to the medical professionals. It will really be a great thing if they can also inform these professionals about what’s wrong with the Digitek Tabs so they can be prevented from prescribing them in the first place.

Although the recall has been a positive note for the Digitek Tabs developer, it is still maintained that it might really cause a blow for Actavis Totowa. After all, this recent mishap can result to a valuable loss of customers. It will also put the company at such a vulnerable position because they can easily be blamed for heart related problems especially if the person has had a dose of these Digitek Tabs. Although this is the case it is still fair enough to commend Actavis Totowa for doing a job well done in informing the public of the recent mishap and not keeping it from them. At least the public themselves can now begin to watch out for their own back and be more cautious with their medical purchases.

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