Thin Hair Treatment

Thin Hair Loss Treatment & Remedy

There are many reasons why people experience hair loss. Baldness can be hereditary, a result from medication such as chemotherapy, stress, environment, and use of hair products that contains harsh chemicals.

There are many ways to treat thinning hair or baldness and these are the different methods a person can do to solve this problem.

  • For those people who have mild case of thinning hair, they can opt to color their hair to make it thicker. Expert hairstylist know what colors are the best volume-boosting tone so people should first seek their advise before dyeing their hair.
  • For those people who are willing to spend huge sums of money just to have a thicker hair, they can opt for cosmetic hair surgery, which is of course very expensive but is the most effective method for treating thinning hair or baldness.
  • According to some heath experts, stress also contributes to thinning hair / hair loss, so this must be avoided.
  • It has been suggested by some experts that exercise may slow down the occurrence of thin hair since this allows the body to release lower quantity of androgen which has been considered as one of the main culprits of baldness or hair loss.
  • For cancer patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, there is a method that can prevent the occurrence of hair loss. Immunosuppressants are known to reverse the effect of cancer drugs which can cause hair loss and balding.
  • Beta sitosterol, a chemical which can be found in many kinds of seeds, is used to treat hair loss, but when used in excessive amount, this chemical may even further aggravate the hair loss problem.
  • Some topical solutions are also used to address hair loss problem. The most commonly used are minoxidil and finasteride, but its effectiveness is yet to be proven.
  • Avoid hairstyles that are putting to much stress on scalp, this means that these must be loose and not so tight.
  • Avoid harsh chemicals which are known to damage and break hair. Straightening hair products and other chemicals used in perm are known to lessen the strength of hair resulting to breakage.
  • In some cases, anti-androgen can be give to a person who experiences hair loss. But still, these drugs can have side-effects for men such as breast will appear bigger than usual.
  • For some people, they address their thinning hair problem by completely shaving their heads and confidently going bald. This might be a better way to deal with this problem, but for women, going bald is not yet socially acceptable.
  • One of the most widely-used method for hiding bald spot is “comb over”. This is a hairstyle wherein the remaining hair will cover the area where the hair is receding or bald. This hairstyle is only applicable for people who have a less severe case of hair loss.
  • In severe cases, some people would opt for wigs or toupee. In these modern times, artificial hair has become more natural-looking.
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