Tinea Fungal Infection

Types of Tinea Fungal Infections

Tinea fungal infection is commonly developed in the face down to the neck of the affected individual. This is oftentimes not given with ample attention not until it is already in its worse state. There are certain types of tinea fungal infections that you must know. These types are broadly discussed in this article.

There are different types of tinea fungal infections that you must be aware of. Each type has its own specific treatment modalities. That is why you must have enough information regarding these tinea fungal types.

Tinea Pedis

One of the most common types of tinea infections is the tinea pedis. This is also called the athlete's foot. The main route of the disease transfer is through direct contact with the skin of the affected person. Sometimes, wrong choice of shoe component is also a contributing factor in the occurrence of the infection. Those shoes and any other foot wear that is made up of plastic or leather is discouraged by experts in the field of medicine since it encourages the development of tinea pedis. The mainly affected area of this type of tinea fungal infection is the nails. In worse cases, the infection may extend up to the soles of the feet. The signs and symptoms of these are as follows:

  • White and soft peels
  • Blistering
  • Red Spots
  • Itching

Tinea Curis

Another type of tinea fungal infection is the tinea curis. This usually affects the groin part of the involved person. The groin part of the person is usually sweating and there is no proper ventilation happening on it. Because of this kind of environment, it makes the causative agent of the disease multiply in faster rate. According to sources, this type of tinea fungal infection affects most men rather than women. The main characteristic of this type of tinea fungal infection are rashes and read border in the affected part of the groin.

Tinea Corporis

Another type of tinea fungal infection is the so-called Tinea Corporis. This is different from the aforementioned types of tinea fungal infection since this is derived from contact with an infected animal particularly cat. Aside from that, the causative agent of this condition is also harbored in soil with presence of fungus. The initial symptom of this is a visible ring in the skin part where you have contact with the fungus. However, this type of tinea fungal infection usually lightens up with the use of antifungal creams.

Tinea Capitis

If the tinea fungal infection primarily affects the scalp of a person, it is called Tinea Capitis. This is the type of tinea fungal infection that affects most of the kids. At first, you will notice that there is scaling on the scalp of your child. Later on, it will eventually progress to hair loss. The scalp will appear as if it was eaten by a moth. If given with the right treatment, the hair loss will be reversible.

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