Tips for Better Digestion

Better Digestion Tips

What is the correct way of digesting the food we eat? What are the foods that are easily digested?

Constipation, ulcers, gas pains, heart burns, diarrhea and other intestinal problems are often caused by improper digestion. Poor appetite is a sign of poor digestion. The digestive system works even when you are not eating or when you are asleep. It grinds the food you eat whatever it may be.

We need to be cautious on what we eat, how many times we eat in a day and the method of eating. This will all affect the process of digestion in our body.

Tips on How to Have Better Digestion

  • Chew your food slowly. Digestion begins in the mouth and disregarding this important step causes lots of stomach problems. If you will just swallow the food without chewing it properly chances are, you will be increasing the workload of your stomach and you will feel overfed and may result to throwing up.
  • Eat only when you are hungry. Never over eat and do not eat too much. Extreme eating will upset your stomach and will result to heartburn, diarrhea and flatulence.
  • Avoid eating when you are exhausted, stressed or upset. Chances are you will be eating more than what you usually do and tend to eat faster. Try eating soup or drinking hot tea.
  • Avoid eating late at night. Our digestive system grinds food slowly at night time, for better digestion do not east especially if you are about to go to bed.
  • Eat more fiber than carbohydrates to avoid constipation. Foods with high fiber such as broccoli, beans, peaches, pears and many others. You may try eating cereals for breakfast.
  • Avoid drinking very cold beverages during meals. This weakens the enzymes in our stomach and sometimes causes clogs in our intestines. Drinking warm water or tea while eating is suggested.
  • Eat easily digested food such as fish and chicken or vegetables, especially at night time.
  • Taking a short walk after eating will help you not to feel bloated or standing after eating is best recommended to help you avoid large tummy.
  • Do not stand, walk or move while eating. You tend to eat more if you are practicing this.
  • Daily exercise helps you to have a better digestive health.
  • Take plenty of water to help your body flush out toxic in your body and be detoxifie
  • Avoid fatty or oily food, avoid eating foods with included ingredients such as MSG, It will only promote poor nutrients in our body.
  • Do not starve yourself. Starving may trigger hyperacidity or ulcer; instead eat at least five small meals rather than taking three big ones.
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