Tips on Announcing Pregnancy to Family

Making a Pregnancy Announcement to Family and Friends

It is definitely a wonderful experience for individuals to know about the pregnancy symptoms. It is really an amazing experience which you would like to share with your relatives. But you can make it more attractive if know to plan it systematically. The plan based on certain effective tools and incorporating several fun loving features in the pregnancy announcement to the friends and family members offer manifold pleasure that you always feel.

It is true that expecting a baby is exciting feeling because it is an incomparable experience. The question here is that how do you announce your pregnancy and what is most suitable time for doing so. Finding most appropriate occasion to tell all and sundry about the arrival of your baby is completely pleasant feeling which demands utmost trick. It is advisable to keep mum for the first few weeks until you are completely sure about this. Do it only when you are confirmed by your obstetrician that you have conceived.

Pregnancy Test

Better you ascertain whole thing before making any announcement. It is advisable to undergo pregnancy test prior to announcing it even if you are aware of symptoms. Your obstetrician would guide you through performing the test that begins with taking blood sample and confirming HCG level. In few cases an early ultrasound is performed to crosscheck the heartbeat of baby. Sharing news of being pregnancy with family would have multiple impacts if revealed only after getting known that your pregnancy is in its progressing phase.

Right Time to Share

Don’t announce your pregnancy with incomplete information. It would fascinate you and your family only if information is shared at the most appropriate time when everything is streamlined. Sharing news with family about your giving birth to a baby would double your excitement and keep others at ease as their expectations are associated with it. You can personalize it by showing them an ultrasound picture to describe the condition of your baby.

Make It Funny

Think of making your pregnancy experience funny. Apply innovative idea when announcing your pregnancy to family members who can be asked to wait patiently and expect surprise from you – a picture to show them and to guess – that you would be turning mother the soonest. They would patiently wait for your announcement and will watch the ultrasound photo of your soon-to-be-born baby with excitement. You can also announce your pregnancy without showing photograph by maintaining suspense.


The moment you share this secret with family that you are going to offer them a cute baby they would prepare for thanksgiving. The fun in this is interrelated and has maximum excitement. It is advisable that you share the news with complete preparation and show family that why they should have exciting feeling. The surprise they are to be shared has great value.

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