Tips to Build up Self-Esteem and Confidence

Improve Your Image of Yourself

Are there times that you find yourself not having the confidence to do something? If so, then this article will help you find that confidence by showing you how you could improve the way you value your own self and how you could improve the image that you have of your own capabilities and limitations.

What Is Self-Esteem?

Self-esteem basically is how you view yourself. From this view, you are either confident of yourself or ashamed of yourself.

Your esteem of yourself changes every now and then, depending on your situation. At first, your self-esteem may be low during your teenage years when you are subject to bullying but after time passes, you may learn to appreciate yourself. Self-esteem changes may be caused by events which could cause you to question yourself.

Why Is Self-Esteem Important?

A high self-esteem is important because, as they say, no one will appreciate you if you do not appreciate yourself. Your self-esteem drives how you value yourself, and if you dont value yourself, it could cause you problems along the way. When you are working on a job, if you suffer from low self-esteem, you will easily succumb to the negative things that people say about you. Worse, you may end up giving truth to the things they say about you.

In short, a high self-esteem makes success possible. A person with low self-esteem will not take chances because he does not trust himself and what he could do, whereas a person who regards himself highly will mostly likely make it to the top because he believes that he could do it. If he could do it, he will push himself to excel.

How Can I Build My Self-Esteem?

The best start to building self-esteem is to start thinking positively about yourself and your surroundings. Your pessimism or optimism drives everything you think and do. Start telling yourself, I can do it or if they attack you for your physical disabilities or shortfalls, start giving thought to it. If you are obese a common target of ridicules especially in teenagers start thinking about weight loss programs and routines. Losing weight is an extremely difficult thing to do and requires discipline. That brings us back to the thought of I can do it, or optimism, as it is more commonly called.

Pat yourself in the back for every achievement that you made. Try to do things that you dont normally want to do for fear of the task being difficult for you. In doing the task, push yourself. Do not give up right away. Keep telling yourself you can do it. When you get the task done, make sure to mentally congratulate yourself. Accomplishing things that are normally hard for you to do will be a great boost to your self-confidence and will change the way you view yourself as a person. Again, the point is, to be optimistic.

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