Toe Fungus Laser Surgery

All about Toe Fungus Laser Surgery

Toe fungus laser surgery is one of the common options of getting rid with nail fungus infection. Many people choose to undergo surgery in case alternative treatments are not successful. However, before the surgery you should first determine if the infection will not recur.

Choosing surgical cure for nail fungus infection is popular over the years. Although there are other traditional remedies but most of the topical treatments are not efficient. This is because the ointment does not penetrate on the nail bed thus does not kills the fungus. That is why the fungus returns and the infection persists after long treatment. Similarly, prescription drugs are not only ineffective but also expensive and at the same time pose unpleasant side effects. Therefore, toe fungus laser surgery is the last option to take to eliminate the problem.

Benefits of Toe Fungus Laser Surgery

The good thing about toe fungus laser surgery is that it gives immediate result in just a single treatment. It gets rid the fungus completely even the appearance of the toe nails does not improve right away. The nails will grow back within six months and looks like the original toe nail. There are different laser surgeries available for toe nail infection and all you have to do is to choose the right one. In addition, laser surgery is a procedure that is safe and effective. You would only experience minimal pain and you need not take medications. Likewise, the laser penetrates into the nail plates and kills both the bacteria and the viruses.

How Much the Laser Surgery Costs?

If you do not have any choice but to undergo toe nail laser surgery, then you should start inquiring for its costs. Usually, the procedure costs ranges from $900 to $1200 but it does not include medical insurance. The most important thing to note is to avail the procedure through a license podiatrist.

Alternative to Laser Surgery

In case laser surgery is not possible to your budget, you can try other alternative treatment for toe nail infection. Some people use Epsom salt, tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar as natural cures for the infection. Fortunately, there are scientists experimenting to find wholesome treatment. They found home remedies that can cure toe nail infection.

Nevertheless, whatever option of treatment you may choose makes sure that the infection would not recur. Otherwise, you will just waste your hard-earned money. Keep in mind that despite of the efficiency of laser surgery there are instances that the problem recur. In like manner, there is also a possibility to obtain other issues and minor injury while undergoing laser surgery for toe nail infection. Indeed, technology provides us all the conveniences of medical science in such a way that surgeries can be successful without shedding blood.

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