Top 10 Health Concerns for Women Over 50

Health Issues that Women go Through after 50

People of all ages experience health issues but it becomes more prominent after one reaches the golden age. Being 50 has a lot of implications especially when it comes to health. People over the age of 50 are prone to diseases because of the immune system becoming weaker. Women particularly need to be careful because they are much likely to experience issues regarding their health.

Regular check up is necessary to prevent some diseases that most likely they are going to have. There are top 10 health concerns that women over 50 should watch out for.

  • Menopause
    Perhaps this is the health issue that is most equated with women that is over 50. Based on study almost one third of a woman’s life is the menopausal stage. This is the process where female hormones slowly reducing the production of female sex hormones until it stops permanently. This is the time when a woman stops having children. Symptoms include hot flushes, mood swings, dryness of vagina, fatigue, urinary problems and others.
  • Heart Disease
    This is the number one disease for both men and women. There are a lot of women who suffers from heart disease. This hampers their ability to move around and do certain activities. It impairs their ability to go around. The problem is that women tend to be under diagnosed. The burden for women with heart disease is quite high however with a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet you can prevent heart disease from happening
  • Breast cancer
    It is one of the cancers that are most common among women whatever age group they belong. The primary symptom is lump in the breast. Normally this is harmless but it is better that it is checked. Other symptoms include breast pain, discharge in the nipples and changes in appearance of the breast. The breast should be examined regularly.
  • Autoimmune diseases
    This is a group of diseases that destroys the body and tissue. This includes illnesses like lupus, sclerosis and diabetes. It is still unknown on why the body turns off on itself.
  • Depression
    Depression is a common illness as well. It is normal for people to go through this stage. Sometimes women felt useless anymore after experiencing menopause stage and that is why depression takes place. Hormonal changes triggers depression.
  • Obesity
    As women begin to age, their metabolism slows down and that is why weight problems are common. Women should watch out their diet and control their food intake.
  • Hysterectomy
    This is a surgical operation removing the womb. This can trigger early menopausal stage. After this procedure, women may feel a sense of loss.
  • Osteoporosis
    Osteoporosis is a disease that thins the bones. Aging increases the risk of women having osteoporosis. Fractures are prevalent especially in the hips, spine and wrist. The key to prevention is active lifestyle.
  • Cervical cancer
    This cancer affects the cervix which is the lower part of the womb. The symptoms include bleeding in between period, unpleasant discharge and discomfort. Pap smear should be done regularly for early detection and treatment.
  • Ovarian cancer
    This cancer is very common among women who are in this age group. A big percentage of women suffer from this cancer even before they reach 50. It is advisable to have an annual pelvic exam.
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