Top Ten Pregnancy Symptoms

What Are The Top Symptoms of Pregnancy

Becoming pregnant is one of the most beautiful phases of a women’s life. The symptoms of pregnancy though are almost similar in all women but they may vary in some cases. The top ten pregnancy symptoms will let you know, the baby is finally on the way. These are easier to understand and are quite visible in early stages of pregnancy.

Apart from the home pregnancy tests, there are various other symptoms as well which can finally tell you that you are pregnant.

Missed Periods

It is said to be the easiest method of determining the pregnancy. If you have missed your periods then chances are that surely you are pregnant. This you can confirm with the help of home pregnancy tests in which you have to determine the hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) present in your urine. The first day urine is said to be the most concentrated with the hCG. Early morning urine will give you the best results.

Morning Sickness

If you feel nauseated in early hours of the day then too chances are that you may be pregnant. But there may be a few women who may feel nauseated even in the afternoon and evening.

Swollen Breasts

Because of the increase in levels of hormones you may be having sensitive and swollen breasts. This may continue for some time at least till the first trisemester but with the second trisemester the swollenness will fade away. This will happen since your body will be well adjusted to the hormonal changes which will be occurring. The sensitivity of the breasts is almost similar to the one which you might experience when you are having your periods.


Because of the increase in the level of hormone progesterone there are chances that you may feel tired and sleepy throughout the day. This however will chance once you enter your second trisemester. But the fatigue may once again return back in the late phases of pregnancy since you will be carrying more weight with you.

Abdominal Bloating

Due to the hormonal changes which might occur because of pregnancy you may feel bloated, a feeling somewhat similar to when your period arrives.

Frequent Urination

Most of the women will urinate more often once there pregnancy sets in. This happens because during pregnancy the amount of blood and other fluids in the body increases, thus the kidney will process extra fluid right into your bladder.

Rise in Body Temperature

Your body temperature will also rise at the time of ovulation. If your basal body temperature remains elevated for consecutively 18 days in a row then surely you might be pregnant.

Changes in Areola

You might also notice a slight darkening of the areola (zone around the nipples.

Frequent Headaches

Most of the pregnant women also get frequent headaches.

Other Signs

Various other signs include-hunger, weepiness, heartburn, constipation, increase sense of smell.

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