Top Tips for Getting Pregnant

How to Get Pregnant

Women who are trying to get pregnant must be aware of the top tips for getting pregnant since it will make it easier for them. Various tips are available which will tell you as to how to get pregnant. Both you and your partner should know about the things which you need to avoid and what all you need to do in order to get pregnant.

In order to pregnant you need to follow certain tried and tested tips. These include the following-

In order to get pregnant the very first thing is to stop taking the contraceptive pill which you have been taking all along for not getting pregnant. Chances are you may become pregnant the very first month you have stopped taking the pill. This is also true for the contraceptive patch and ring.

It may come as a surprise but the truth is that if you are an avid smoker or take drugs often then you are lessening the chances of becoming pregnant so the first thing is to stay away from these things. On the negative side these may also lead to birth defects, miscarriages, premature deliveries and low birth weight babies. Also smoking may decrease your fertility as well as your partners sperm count. You also need to stay away from alcohol.

You also need to avoid the excessive intake of caffeine, colas and tea as these are known to decrease the chances of pregnancy. It is better to restrict their limit to just one or two cups a day.

Don’t rush to the bathroom immediately after sex. At least wait for five minutes after intercourse since it increases the chances that the sperm will be able to keep its date with the awaiting egg. Also try to make love as often as possible especially during your fertile period.

If you are currently taking any prescribed medications then it is good if you consult your doctor about it once you get pregnant, to know whether it is safe to take them or not.

You also need to keep a check on your menstrual cycle. The best thing is to make a calendar so that you know when your cycle starts, when it ends. This will prove effective when you are having problems in conceiving. This will also make it easier for you to know your due date.

It is important that you keep your vagina as much clean as possible. This implies avoiding any kind of tampons, scented sprays, artificial sprays, vegetable oils, glycerine, since they may cause any type of vaginal infections or any other kind of inflammatory diseases. In the process it may wash up the cervical mucus that is needed to transport the sperm.

Sexual position is also important. Basically, if man is on top during intercourse then it increases the chances of getting pregnant. This position allows for the deepest penetration which deposits sperms closer to the cervix.


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