Top of the Foot Pains

Top of Foot Pain Symptoms and Cure

Are you worried about the top of foot pain you have been experiencing? Here are a few top of foot pain symptoms you can sort through to get the best treatment for.

Taking care of your feet is very important! Consider the fact that you place about 900 pounds of pressure per square foot of your foot every minute of everyday.

In fact there’s not a single minute in the day that you are not using your feet! So what if your feet start paining suddenly. Radiating pain, followed by top of the foot pain can cramp your foot and you will not be able to do anything at all.

Here are a few symptoms you can use to diagnose your top of the foot pain before you visit your doctor.

  • Stress fractures of the metatarsal bones are a common occurrence. The sole of the foot contains long delicate spindle shaped bones called as the metatarsals and they can easily be fractured under pressure to cause local swellings and severe radiating pain when you try to stand.
  • Extensor tendonitis is another condition causing severe problems of pain. There are several tendons and ligament present in the sole of the foot responsible for coordinating movements and motion of your foot. One major cause of this problem is tightness in the calf muscles. Wearing too high heels is also a probable reason. Try wearing shoes which have only about a one-inch heel to reduce the stress. Physiotherapy to stretch out the muscles of the calf muscle is helpful. Doctors may prescribe anti-inflammatory medications as well as functional orthotics to relieve the stress on the tendons.
  • Osteoarthritis is a common cause of frequent top of the foot pain and you will need to consult a doctor immediately to treat the condition. A combination of medications as well as physiotherapy can control the condition.
  • Bone spurs are very common along the first joint of the big toe. Even wearing a closed shoe can aggravate the pain. Ideally treatment for the condition involves anti-inflammatory medication as well as foot orthotics and if the condition is really painful, you can also try surgery.
  • Generalized cramps can also occur along with top of the foot pain in children as well as in young adults. One common reason why this occurs is called as Tarsal Coalition. It causes radiating pain along the outside of the foot which then spreads on the top of the foot. A tarsal coalition occurs when a few bones of the sloe fuse together. These bones are called as the tarsals and they are required to be mobile due to the work the foot is require d to do constantly. When the fusion occurs, activity of the foot causes top of the foot pain which can then cause severe pain all over the leg. Treatment is extremely essential and you have to treat the problem with functional orthotics or even surgery.
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