Torn Cartilage in the Knee

Knee Torn Cartilage Treatment

Various types of injuries can leave adverse affect on our knee joints. In reality torn cartilage in knee is too much worrisome factor. It needs utmost care and prevention to lessen the pain it causes which is extremely problematic. Best fitting knee bones and workable cartilage ensures that thigh bone called femur and tibia or shin bone perform their roles properly. It is possible only if there is no torn cartilage.

Several medical practitioners especially physiotherapists explore effective options to treat torn cartilage. They do so to resolve this typical knee problem at the right time. Purpose of such explorations is to improve fitness level between femur and tibia that are pivotal for maintaining balance. Most interesting part with them is that they help one distribute load and absorb shock at knee joints. But normal functioning affects once you face torn cartilage issue.

Problem and Solution

A torn cartilage sufferer must look at several preventive aspects for timely prevention. This is a highly issue for them. But equally important is solution of this problem that is a must for easy cure. Fitness regime can be maintained properly for excellent support. They leave significant impact on body and healing process automatically turns smoother. It is therefore necessary to look at various options of exercises that can help torn cartilage sufferer at the level best for sufficient improvement and maintaining best fitness level.

Possible Reasons

There can be numerous reasons of torn cartilage in knee. You must know well possible reasons and avoid them to maximum extent because such condition brings too many problems. It can be due to traumatic experiences that often occur impromptu. Degeneration is other possible reason. People in their late forties are vulnerable for traumatic tears. Ironically physically active people most often come into the trap of such situations. It should also be noted that such situations can arise to anyone without reservation of specific conditions.

Difficulties and Symptoms

Torn cartilage in knee can’t be ignored at any point of time. This issue becomes alarming once one sees that it easily invites many health related issues which further pain. At times blood flow stops completely and causes difficulties. These conditions are traumatic hence individuals who might have led active life feel motionless due to such disorder. Pain and swelling around knee joints are major symptoms of torn cartilage while one also feels unnecessary tenderness. At times one faces joint locking issues due to the torn cartilage in knee. Such factors are painful on all aspects.


Torn cartilage in knee is painful but it is no more a big deal for treatment. Timely cure and prevention brings everything in order without creating problems. Tried and tested formula of combining rest, ice, compression, elevation and getting excellent referrals for perfect and effective medical treatment under the guidance of expert makes it easier to resolve this issue.

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