Treating Common Cold

Ways to Treat Common Cold

There are various ways to treat common cold. You may consult a good doctor or else you can take some of the treatment measures yourself at home. The choice is yours. Treating common cold is not very tough since it takes its full round before you may feel relieved. Vitamin C, aspirin can be taken for quick recovery.

Common cold is a common illness which occurs amongst all the age groups, irrespective of gender. There are a large number of viruses which are responsible for the same. Since some of the bodies are quite weak in immune system so they may get the cold more easily than the rest.

Symptoms of Common Cold

There is not just one but a number of symptoms of common cold. These include- hoarseness, sore throat, sneezing, congestion in the neck, fever, and headache. Some people may feel tired, lethargic due to cold.

Common cold is regarded as one of the major reasons for missing the classes amongst the children. The doctors treat common cold more often than any other disease. The easiest way to prevent common cold is to wash your hands as much as possible. This will help to prevent the infection which you might have acquired from any of the infected surfaces. It is best to use disposable cups and other materials when you go out for picnics, or holidays. If someone close to you is suffering from cold. This way you will prevent the infection. Always try to use handkerchief when you sneeze or cough comes out.

Preventing Common Cold

Though still there is no prescribed medicine for the common cold since it is known to be caused by a large number of viruses but in this case prevention is said to be better than cure. It is better to avoid coming in contact with anyone who is suffering from common cold. Try to simply stay away from the person. No medicine is able to treat common cold and it usually takes its full course but antibiotics helps in relieving headache and fever so you use them.

Taking lukewarm salted water also helps to remove the pain in the nostrils. It reduces the nasal congestion. You can even apply petroleum jelly under the nose which too soothes the nose. There are cough drops available which you can eat to avoid sore throat. Warm humidified air is also known to reduce the congestion. It is essential that you increase the intake of fluid in your diet when you are suffering from common cold. Rather than exerting yourself take a day off and try to take bed rest. This too helps to relieve the headache.

Decongestants are also used to help the patient suffering from common cold. These may be oral and topical. You may take it whichever you may find fit to use. These need to be taken at the time of sleep. There are pain relievers like aspirin, ibuprofen available which also can be taken for effective remedy.

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