Treating High Blood Pressure without Medication

Naturally Treating High Blood Pressure

Treating high blood pressure without medication is being adopted by the people all around the world, since they offer no negative effects. A slight change in lifestyle and dietary habits can help in controlling blood pressure.

People now want to learn how to naturally treat high blood pressure without medication.

More and more are turning towards herbal remedies to treat blood pressure mainly because they have no side effects and are less costly than the prescribed medicines. The naturopaths regard blood pressure to be a result of the imbalance in the body. This happens because of the erratic lifestyle and unhealthy foods which we usually eat. So the naturopaths believe that with a change in lifestyle and dietary habits we can control our blood pressure. With the help of natural remedies it is able to treat the cause of blood pressure and so more and more people are turning towards it.

How to Treat Blood Pressure Naturally

One of the most effective preparations is the garlic preparation which is helpful in controlling cholesterol level. Hawthrone berries are available in the market and are said to be an effective herbal remedy. Apart from treating high blood pressure they are also effective in treating various other cardiovascular diseases as well.

Just remember that medicines alone cannot control your blood pressure level. Rather lifestyle also plays an essential part. If you are able to control your blood pressure with a healthy lifestyle then surely you stand a chance to win the case without the need of medicines at all.

Keeping a Check on Weight

It is important that you keep a check on your weight since blood pressure increases as your weight increases. So the more weight you lose the lower is your blood pressure. You also need to have a control over your waistline, this applies to both men and women. Since larger the waistline greater are the chances of having higher blood pressure. You need to eat healthy foods in order to stay healthy, avoid junk foods. Include wholegrains, cereals, and fruits in your diet. Low fat dairy products can help to reduce the blood pressure by around 14 mm Hg.

Try to limit alcohol consumption. If you drink more than the moderate amount you can get a high blood pressure. Avoid tobacco products and second hand smoke at all costs. Try to reduce stress from your life as much as possible. This too will control your blood pressure without medicines.

Exercises are a must, which you need to do regularly. If you suffer from prehypertension then with the help of exercises you can easily prevent from developing full blown hypertension. Which exercises are the best for you in case of blood pressure can be easily known once you consult your doctor. Change your dietary habits also- try to eat small meals many times a day rather than just three big meals in a day.

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