Treating Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Various Methods to Treat Bowel Syndrome

There are various methods to treat bowel syndrome which commonly affects the people. Though it is not life threatening but it may cause severe pain and stress to the person who suffers from it. Treating bowel syndrome is made with the help of various antibiotics which are approved by FDA and also through natural means.

Irritable bowel syndrome is a common gastrointestinal disorder which may occur to any individual. Though there is no specific cause for the same but once it happens it is known to disrupt the normal human functioning. It is sometimes known to occur after the person suffers from gastroenteritis. It is also believed that dietary changes too may be one of the important factors responsible for irritable bowel syndrome. The other names of bowel syndrome include spastic colon, spastic colitis.

Symptoms of Bowel Syndrome

In order to know how to treat the bowel syndrome, it is very much essential to know the symptoms of bowel syndrome. There are a number of such symptoms- pain in the abdomen accompanied by cramps, constipation and diarrhoea, there are changes in the frequency of the stool, the person may suffer from bloating as well as there may appear mucus from the rectum.

Treating Bowel Syndrome

Since bowel syndrome affects the normal routine of the person who suffers from it, it becomes imperative to get it treated at the earliest. There are a number of natural ways in which treating it is possible. Making certain diet changes can help the patient. Diet plays a major role in the gut function. There is a prescribed list of food which the people suffering bowel syndrome need to eat.

You need to avoid all the foods which can prove problematic for the gastrointestinal tract. Such food includes insoluble fibre food, caffeine, tea, and other beverages. If these foods are taken they may cause extreme kinds of reactions inside the GI tract. You need to take soluble fibres which are regarded as the most important diet for bowel syndrome. It is found to be effective in regulating the digestive tract.
You can also treat the bowel syndrome with the help of various supplements like the prebiotic soluble fibre supplements, you can also take peppermint oil capsules, fennels seed tea. Undergoing heat therapy can also be found to be beneficial.

Hypnotherapy too has been found to have vast potential for treating the bowel syndrome. It is known to reduce the severity of the attacks. Hypnotherapy has also been found to reduce the stress and anxiety.
With regard to antibiotics, Rifaximin (xifaxan),is bascially given. Amitiza is the antibiotic which has been approved by FDA is known to relieve constipation and pain and thereby provides relief in bowel syndrome also. Zelnorm/Zelmac is yet another such medication. But you need to consult the doctor before you finally start your medication.

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