Treating Low Blood Pressure

How to Cure Low Blood Pressure

The main reason why people suffer from low blood pressure is having improper diet. They lack certain protein and calories therefore the heart is not pumping enough blood. When treating low blood pressure it is best to pay attention on diet like have enough fruits and vegetables. Complement it with proper exercise.

Blood pressure is simply defined as the pressure with which the heart pumps the blood to whole of the body and the pressure between its beats. Arteries are the path which contains blood from one region of body to other. Narrow arteries result in high blood pressure which requires heart to pump with a greater pressure. Similarly, low blood pressure is defined as a condition in which the heart pumps the blood with a low pressure to other parts of the body. Very low or very high blood pressure can be proved very dangerous for your health as well as for your life.

Faulty nutrition is the main reason why people get low blood pressure. The main reasons can be the least or no consumption of salt. Lack of calories and proteins are also responsible for low blood pressure. Vitamin B and Vitamin C is excessively consumed in lower blood pressure circumstances. There are a number of ways to treat your low blood pressure.

Juice of Beetroot

The juice of beetroot is considered as very healthy and useful for treating low blood pressure. Consuming a cup of beetroot juice twice in a day can really treat your low blood pressure.

Nutrients and Salts

Vitamin B and vitamin C are used in long term to treat low blood pressure. Lack of these vitamins is considered as the main source of low blood pressure. Also, using salt in low blood pressure conditions can also prove very healthy. But you should consume the salt in an adequate manner to achieve the optimal blood pressure. Similarly, salt is considered as a poison for high blood pressure patients. Therefore you should only consume salt until you attain optical blood pressure level. After that, you should have a good check and balance on salt consumption.

Fruits and other Physical Activities to Treat low Blood Pressure

In addition with the consumption of vitamins and salts, several fruits are also considered as very useful to treat low blood pressure. You should try to grab only those fruits which contain vitamin B and vitamin C in excess, so that you can lift up your low blood pressure.

Physical exercises such as yoga, jogging, walking, bicycling, laughing, deep breathing and similar more can be proved very healthy and useful to treat low blood pressure. But you should be patient and peaceful while treating your low blood pressure by these natural methods. Using antibiotics can give you fast results but there are also chances of confronting various side effects.

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Practising Tai-Chi exercise practically every morning and having foot reflexology done once or twice per week may help improve health against high blood pressure and low blood pressure as well.

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