Treating Staph Infection at Home

Home Remedies for Staph Infection

There are some of the home remedies for staph infection which if used will help you to get rid of the staph infection which can affect almost any one. Treating staph infection at home is possible. You should wash the affected area with warm water, and if required use soap and water.

Staph is a bacteria which might lead to various infections in the body and thus can be quite troublesome. It is known to cause a large number of diseases. It could be mild infection and at times it could be serious as well.
Though almost anyone can develop this infection of staph but most importantly newborn children and people with certain diseases like diabetes, cancer, skin diseases are said to be at a greater risk. Thus care need to be taken with regard to the same.

Treating Staph Infection

You can treat the staph infection at home as well. For this you need to keep the affected area quite clean and apply an antiseptic ointment on it. After this cover the area with a bandage. Sometimes antibiotics are also prescribed in case the infection doesn’t get cured.

Whenever there is a cut or a wound in any part of your body you need to be extra cautious, it is essential that you wash the affected area with soap and water. It is highly recommended that you should not use the towels of others, and thus maintain hygiene.

You can also soak the skin in warm water and then put a hot water bottle over it. A number of pain relievers are also used for getting rid of the pain like Ibuprofen which you can take if the pain is excessive.
Always wash your hands before eating anything, try to stay away from anything which is unhygienic.

Staph Infection Treatment at Home

Staph infection is known to spread to other parts of the body as well and hence care should be taken to avoid this as much as possible. Whenever you are using a towel, make sure you wash it before reusing it on the wound, or else try to use disposable cloth.

If the pain doesn’t stop then you should immediately consult your doctor and take the medicine as prescribed by him. If you start to feel better after the medicine then too you shouldn’t stop the medicine rather it is essential that you complete the full course of the medicine.

You can also crush garlic and put it on the affected area, this will help a lot and after sometime wash the area and cover with a bandage, doing this will help to reduce the swelling. You can always try this simple and effective home remedy and this doesn’t cause any pain as well.

See that there is no need of surgery and if is there, try to get it done at the earliest.

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Name: M.L.L.

I have had surgery on my leg in sept and shortly after i had started getting bumps like pimples but over night they GREW! & They were painful & we squeezed them to get the puss & infection out . along with antibiotics ,we did it for weeks & it faded and then shortly later in January i got it again under my armpit this time , nd my dr cut it open & lat it drained , it hurt too bad to squeeze . & then i had surgery again three/four weeks ago & this weekend , 4-27 to now i have staph again & althhoug i was given anti biotics after surgery to prevent this , it didnt . i use antibacterial body wash like i was told , but it dont work . it keeps coming back . is there any remedies that could help ASAP! & Reduce the pain , pleasee .

Name: lisa

ANtibiotics wont work m.l.l sorry to tell you.. i've had staph too and researched how to get rid of it, and antibiotics is much less effective to kill off staph, better yet it has become immuned to it... I got it when i was 16 and now 20 and had gotten it recently, but i have been told to eat lots and lots of garlic cloves. Good luck cuz i know it sucks and scars your body, i'm trying to get rid of my scars as well from it.

Name: george murillo

This staph thing sucks I keep getting it week after week after I pop one I get another in the other leg!! I went to the doctor they cut one open to drain ..worse scar ever!!! I'm trying garlic! Some dude at work told me about garlic but now that I read here it should be real..

Name: Brittney Schexnider

I tried, baking soda and water to put on it. A type of cream. Soaking it in hot water. I'm scared to go to the hospital. What ways to get rid of it at home instead of going to the doctor?

Name: tunde

I contract staphylococus from sex how do I get rid of it. Its going to 2 years now but am taking herbal medicine for it

Name: doll

I keep getting and have been gettin it since 2008 I think. A lot of people have caught here in my county, I'm not sure it isn't coming from the jail birds and the meth addicts. I did date this one guy that never bathed so, that's probably where I caught it, too. It seems like I'll always be on antibiotics and having to go get the things lanced. I wish they'd hurry up and make a shot for it like they were trying to do with some kind of dirt.

Name: helen

I have sores on my nose and chin that won`t go away, had them since sept. of 2016 , what could it be ?

Name: Opeyemi

What drugs should I use for infection

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