Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

How to Get Out of Alcohol Addiction

Alcoholism is said to be a major social, economic and a public health problem. It makes life hard not just for the alcoholic but also for his family members. Treatment for alcohol addiction needs to be started at the earliest since if left untreated it can prove deadly for the alcoholic. It is important for the family members to be aware of how to treat an alcoholic.

Alcoholism is said to be one of the prime factors responsible for accidental deaths and also traffic fatalities. But a number of problems come while treating an alcoholic. The first and the most important is dealing with the alcoholic, since he will never accept the fact that he is suffering from any problem. So it is quite essential to make him realise that he indeed is not fit and healthy like others.

Supportive Programmes for Alcoholism

Various supportive programmes are available for the treatment of alcoholic addiction. These are specifically meant for detoxification, rehabilitation and abstinence and after care. In these programmes, counselling, psychological support, nursing and medical care is given to the alcoholic so that he can be easily brought into a normal routine. But such programme is not just for the person who is an alcoholic rather counselling is also available for his family members also. They are taught as to how to treat the patient at home, how to encourage him to return towards a normal routine life. Since the patient cannot alone move towards the path of recovery he needs the support of his family also.

Detoxification is generally considered the first phase of treatment where the patient is made to live without the intake of alcohol and an effective cleansing of his inner body organs is made so as to remove all the alcohol from his body. When in this phase the person may show various withdrawal symptoms like shaking of his body, tremors, insomnia, shakiness, nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, and convulsions.
Depression is a common problem which might arise amongst the alcoholics. So it needs to be given prime attention. Aversion therapy is resorted to while dealing with depression.

Treatments of Alcoholics

Alcoholics are also made to undergo behavioural alcohol addiction treatment which includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Motivation Enhancement Therapy, Alcoholics Anonymous. These methodologies effectively reduced drinking habits in the persons. The patient is also made to depend on certain therapeutic drugs like disulfiram or naltrexone in an attempt to prevent the alcoholic from returning back to alcoholism.

In order to gain control over alcoholism extensive campaigning about negative effects of alcoholism and providing proper treatment to the alcoholic is needed. Integrated steps should be taken to make the people realise as to what are the harmful effects of alcohol addiction.

Effective rehabilitation of the person can improve over all well being like improving his health, relieving the tension of his family, enhancing his job performance, improving the quality of his life.

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