Treatment for Early Menopause

Early Menopause and its Treatment

Early menopause and its treatment is very much essential and important if you want to stay fit and healthy. These days due to lifestyle changes menopause is affecting women in their earlier lives as well. Treatment for early menopause includes Hormone Replacement therapy, eating balanced diet, exercises on regular basis. Try to get counselling and avoid stress and anxiety.

Though menopause is known to occur in the older women alone but with the lifestyle changes and excessive stress in life this problem seems to be affecting much younger women as well and this is said to be a cause of anxiety and worry for them. Most of the women might not even be ready to bear the same.

Symptoms of Premature Menopause

In order to get the treatment of menopause it is also essential to know about the symptoms of menopause. These might vary from women to women but on the whole these include irregular and missed periods. Sometimes the periods tend to be heavier than the normal periods or they might be lesser. Hot flashes are yet other important symptoms of menopause. Apart from these symptoms there are some other factors responsible for the same. Vaginal dryness occurs in a number of women where the vagina becomes dry. It appears quite inflexible and gets thinned down also. Mood swings also occurs, the skin becomes dry. The urge for sex too tends to lessen down.

Treating early menopause

Basically there is no menopause cure but if it is being diagnosed on an earlier basis then surely treatment can be done.

Hormone Replacement therapy is one of the most common methods available for the treatment of early menopause. This therapy is primarily known to treat the symptoms of menopause. HRT is also of three kinds- Oestrogen HRT, Cyclical HRT, and Continuous HRT. The therapy is given depending upon the specific condition of the women. There are various ways in which HRT is given, it is given as a cream, gel or tablet.

Counselling- a number of mechanisms are taught to the women in counselling sessions which help her treat her situation. These might include sleeping more, taking balanced diet, coping with tension and anxiety in her life.

Moisturisers and Lubricants- these are taken in case of vagina dryness or pain in the affected area. These help to get relief.

You also need to review your exercise routine whether it is effective or not. Regular exercises are known to increase your blood circulation and also keep you physically active. You also need to take care of your body and doesn’t ignore any of the above mentioned symptoms. Due to changes in your hormones with age, your appearance might also change but you need to remain in high self esteem of yourself. This too matters a lot.

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