Treatment for Gallstones without Surgery

How to Treat Gallstones without Surgery

Gallbladder plays a major role to spare you from colon cancer. There are many people who have gallbladder stones and decided to undergo surgery. Although you can survive without gallbladder but you should find treatment for gallstones without surgery.

Thousands of people prefer not to undergo surgery because gallbladder is an important organ. Definitely, it is a dilemma dealing with the pain but you can avoid surgery by flushing the gallstones naturally.

Simple Gallstone Treatment

  • Prevention first – prevention is the key to treatment. This credo applies to all kinds of illness including gallstones. That is why to prevent the disease an individual should maintain healthy weight by eating balanced diets, eating high fiber foods, avoiding cholesterol and performing regular exercise. Considering prevention first can avoid gallstones and at the same time stay healthy.
  • Hydration flush – another simple way of treating gallstone is to flush the liver as well as the gallbladder. Hydration flush would be successful if the toxins, impurities, pollutants and other bad fats will be eliminated from the system. Thus, through flushing you can pass the stones naturally.
  • Reflexology – This is another treatment for gallstones without surgery. This alternative treatment can reduce the pain of the gallbladder and expel the gallstones. Massaging the five points on your feet can aid in flushing out the stones.
  • Herbs and essential vitamins – There are essential vitamins that you can take to convert cholesterol into bile acids. Vitamin C is the ideal supplement that decreases gallstone risk. Consult your doctor for proper prescription of supplements.
  • Increase fiber intake – Consuming foods rich in fiber is effective in preventing gallstones. This means that you should consume fruits and vegetables rich in water-soluble fiber.

Considering effective treatment for gallstone should be done as soon as noticing the symptoms. In this way, you can ensure that the condition will not worsen. Keep in mind that the gallstones would increase in size when not taken out immediately. Likewise, when left untreated would make you suffer intense pain, nausea, fever, vomiting and jaundice. That is why to prevent further serious health problems consult your doctor the soonest possible time.

Early diagnosing the condition would mean early treatment. Nothing is better than to obtain immediate treatment than to undergo surgery due to ignorance about the condition. Always consult the expert and medical professionals so that you will know the safer method that you can use in getting rid with gallstones. Similarly, holistic approach such as homeopathy treatment can also help in eliminating gallstones without using knife.

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