Treatment of Chronic Bronchitis

How to Treat Bronchitis

When it comes to treatment of chronic bronchitis, you need to be very particular. You should know as to how to treat bronchitis in an effective manner. Stay away from chemical fumes, dust. Use protective masks. Inhalers are also used for treatment. Stop smoking if you are a chain smoker.

When the air passages within the lungs become inflammated, bronchitis is said to occur. This happens because of infection in the trachea and the small bronchi. Anyone can suffer from bronchitis. When bronchitis occurs, the mucous lining of the airways becomes swollen. If it is not treated, it might lead to asthma in children.

Causes of Bronchitis

The prime cause of bronchitis is the flu, sometimes some of the bacteria might also cause bronchitis. A number of times people who work in factories where there is too much of dust or fumes are likely to suffer from the disease, if they do not cover their mouths. Elderly people who are having a weak immune system are likely to catch bronchitis sooner than other people.

Bronchitis is basically of two types one is the acute bronchitis while the other is chronic bronchitis. While acute bronchitis occurs usually due to viral infections, chronic bronchitis is one which has been continuing for the past three months and sputum comes out with the daily cough.

Treatment of Bronchitis

In most of the cases the disease might gets cleared up on its own but in some of the cases you might need to call the doctor. This happens when you are suffering from chronic bronchitis and there is no chance of recovery on your own. It is best advised to see the doctor. If you are suffering from difficulty in breathing you should go to the doctor. It is likely that he may prescribe you certain tests and after the reports start your treatment.

Albuterol inhalation or nebuliser is useful to dilate the bronchial tubes. In order to reduce the inflammation within the bronchial tubes, it is suggested to go for short term steroid therapy.

The patient might be having high fever and so you need to give him ibuprofen or acetaminophen. You also need to give the patient a large quantity of water so that he remains hydrated.

If you have been a key smoker and also suffering from bronchitis then the only way out is to quit smoking. You need to minimise the exposure to irritants or dust grains. You need to go at such places after wearing appropriate protective masks.

Inhaler is also used for the treatment of bronchitis. Through the inhaler you inhale bronchodilators as well as corticosteroids. While the bronchodilators are helpful in opening the lower airways on the other hand corticosteroids help to reduce the inflammation of the airways.

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