Trying To Conceive After Miscarriage

Can I be Pregnant Again after Miscarriage

Effects of miscarriages go away after certain time period, in case infections like discharge; excessive bleeding after pregnancy loss gets controlled. Attempt for next pregnancy once you are fully prepared.

One who has faced miscarriage previously shouldn’t keep remembering that again and again to create hindrance in future course of action. Such woman can prepare herself for second pregnancy once normal cycle returns after miscarriage. Main problem is that it is not predictable though when normal cycle returns completely after miscarriage. It is therefore preferable to wait for the next menstrual period and have situations normalized to avoid any further complexity. Usually it takes four to six weeks for women, who faced uncomplicated miscarriage, to come to the normal cycle.

Pregnant women produce hCG hormone during pregnancy which control other typical hormones that may fasten ovulation but it disables during miscarriage.

The attempt to conceive after miscarriage should be done after proper assessment of physical and mental condition. A woman must check it carefully that she has returned to normal after facing shocking experience in life in the form of miscarriage. Next pregnancy entirely depends upon various factors including earlier miscarriage. Miscarriages usually leave a small amount of placental tissue. This can be the reason for next miscarriage if such smaller things have not been taken care of properly.

As miscarriage keep one in extreme shock and emotional bankruptcy some women face continuous bleeding and delay in the arrival of normal menstrual cycle and fall in hCG level. Menstrual cycle can’t resume completely until hCG level drops to base level. Time taken in this process depends upon different factors including value of hCG before and miscarriage and its suppression rate. One can think of conceiving again in case the miscarriage was spontaneous and didn’t have prolonged bleeding. Ovulation may begin early in such cases.

What Can You Do? There is nothing problematic in trying to conceive after miscarriage if periods are on cyclic process and fairly regular. One can have regular unprotected intercourse for the next pregnancy after cyclic improvement. But it is better to take more precautionary steps time – since beginning after being conceived. Consult doctor if you have conceived but in case you haven’t conceived in the next one year even after having regular intercourse without using birth control then you must take option of doctor why you are not pregnant yet. Perhaps this can be the case of infertility after miscarriage.

Problem In Second Pregnancy: If you don’t conceive for longer period after miscarriage it is advisable that you seek help from infertility specialists instantly. Experts study your case before finding solution in you attempts to get pregnant again. Don’t rush for next pregnancy and gain confidence before taking this step again.

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