Types of IUD

What are the Types of Intra Uterine Device

Being one of the most successful options to prevent unwanted pregnancy Intra Uterine Device (IUD) has already emerged a favorable option today. Before understanding it thoroughly it becomes necessary to know its functioning. A small object is inserted into the uterus through cervix and placed there meant to stop pregnancy in the IUD contraceptive process. Such unique contraceptives are of different types. Have a glimpse on IUD types for maximum advantage.

There are several unique features of IUD contraceptives. Upper part of vagina faces small string that hangs down from it though it is not noticed when sexual intercourse is performed. If applied properly IUD can work well for decades. Such features make this contraceptive option too much popular amongst the users. As IUD is powerful to change the course of uterus besides fallopian tubes it ultimately affects the egg and sperm movements and is excellent preventive option. The success rates are higher – and at times it reaches up to more than 99 percent. Do note that IUD can remain worthy for birth control but it is of no use for protection against any sort of sexually transmitted diseases though.

Major Types:

Broadly IUD contraception is of two types which are ParaGard and Mirena options. Both have specific preconditions for application. They shouldn’t be deviated from actual process for maximum advantage. In case anything goes against the procedure one may face several difficulties. The tiny copper wire wrapped around plastic body in ParaGard IUD process makes it unique. Anyone allergic to copper must avoid it for overall fitness. Mirena IUD is unique and differentiates from one discussed above. It is the process in which small amount of synthetic progesterone hormone is released regularly. This process too invites many side affects which can be felt in the form of excessive bleeding.


This has been described that both types of IUD contraceptive have specific tantrums. They have advantages and disadvantages. One must know them minutely and none should take unnecessary risk in choosing such contraceptives. Whether you go for ParaGard or Mirena IUD keep it in mind that any of the two is suitable to you according to your need. IUD is exclusive contraceptive meant for women hence they must remain prepared mentally and physically before IUD contraceptive use.


None of the two IUD contraceptives can be generalized to every woman. Most of them have varied bodily demands, so are the body temperaments of womenfolk. Any of the both types of IUD can’t be recommended to everybody without diagnosis. There can be serious health problem due to IUD application especially if women willing to use a contraceptive suffer from repeated pelvic infection and or suspected pregnancy, so is it prevented in severe cervicitis, salpingitis, malignant lesions in genital tract, vaginal bleeding. It is also not suitable in HIV/AIDS or in ectopic pregnancy cases.

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