Types of Staph Infection

What Are The Types Of Staph Infection

The types of staph infections differ according to the severity and the degree of infection. It is important that you know some of the types of staph infection in order to know the specific treatments for the particular type. To gain information regarding this, read this article because this discusses the types of staph infection.

Before you utilize the type of therapy or treatment for staph infection, you have to remember first its classifications. The types of staph infection vary and each and every type comes in specific severity or intensity.


The first type of staph infection is the so-called furuncles. This is characterized by boils developing in the skin of the affected person. Furuncles happen due to the bruising of the hair follicle. When this is present, there is an entrance of the bacteria that will eventually compromise your skin. By the time that the bacteria are already present in the affected cell of the skin, the development of boil happens. The boil that will be formed is characterized by dead tissues as well as presence of pus. Since there is presence of pus, the area surrounding the affected part will be painful. Also, affected person will experience swelling or lifting up of the surface of the part compromised.


There is also another classification of staph infection which is called as carbuncles. This is somehow similar to the furuncles in terms of its pathophysiology. They only differ in the characteristic of the boils that are formed. Specifically, the boils in carbuncles are larger when you compare this to the ones that can be found in patients with furuncles. As mentioned earlier, the pathophysiology or the process of the disease formation is similar to furuncles; therefore, the treatment for this condition is the same to furuncle type.


The next type of staph infection is referred to as cellulitis. The condition usually happens in the skin in the leg part of the affected person. Aside from the legs, this also extends to the arms and feet of the affected individual. The condition is characterized by redness and selling of the affected part. It is said that this staph infection when confined in the specific part of the body is not that dangerous. It only becomes fatal when the infection already entered the blood stream of the affected person. When this happens, this is already called as septicemia. With this, it implies that cellulitis must be reported immediately.


Meningitis is also another type of staph infection. This is the one that involves the inflammation of the meninges of the brain. What happens in this condition is that the membranes that surround the brain are filled up with fluid. This is of course due to the invasion of the staph bacteria. In most cases, the spinal cord of the affected person gets inflamed. Unlike the aforementioned types of staph infection, this is somehow more fatal and will require immediate attention from experts in the field of medicine. Other types of staph infection include:

  • Osteomyelitis
  • Endocarditis
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