Unplanned Teenage Pregnancy

How to Avoid Unplanned Teen Pregnancy

Teenagers often move a step forward and cross their limits by engaging themselves in sexual behavior much before they are expected to do so. As a result of which, many teenagers are a victim of unplanned pregnancy that proves to be a hindrance in their social, physical, mental and psychological development.

When a teenager aged between 12-18 years of age is tagged as a mother the whole seems to be upside down and natters get worse as in most of the cases this is unplanned or accidental.

Even the word “pregnancy” can be a nightmare for teenage girls. They may be at the heights of their career or a perfect daughter, but one pregnancy can change the whole picture. In an unplanned pregnancy you have to become more alert and attentive as it is sudden. Teenagers have to accept the fact that they are pregnant and they have to share this to their families. But this is not so easy to do as it seems. The mental trauma that their family will get often makes teenagers think over their decision.

Teen pregnancies are always serious health threat to both the mother and the baby. Premature labor is an added fear. It is because the physical body of the mother might not permit to sustain the responsibility of a child. Moreover a teen mother has the least idea of proper medical care for her child and herself which creates many medical complications. A baby needs the love and care of another who is herself cared and loved by others but in case of teenage mothers the probability of such a situation is quite less.

Sometimes the major question socializes before a teenage mother is whether to continue with her pregnancy or abort it. Many factors played a major role behind this question. Most importantly the social, economical, physical and mental conditions of the mother together decide for it. During such period, a teenage mother experiences huge mental pressure owing to her surrounds circumstances. It is very sure that for an unplanned teenage baby there are three options for a mother; Parenting, adoption and abortion. However the gap between these three terms is always concise by the decision of a mother.

Sharing and talking to people who are closer to a teenage mother can make her feel more lighter and can boost her self-confidence . Proper counseling and treatment is the utmost clarity for the mother and baby. It is obvious that sharing the news of a unplanned teenage pregnancy to parents may be the most difficult conversations to have ever in life, but sometimes reactions can follow the other alternative way out. They might be amazed by the courage and truthfulness of your step and prove themselves as most trusted persons.

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